Even old dogs can learn new tricks, it seems.

The other day on the timeline I ran into a tweet thread by the great daygamer Nash.

I’ve spoken of him before. Nash is the ultimate “chronicler of game.” I have never encountered someone with such an encyclopedic knowledge of the subject, from one guru to another, comparing and analyzing different strains of thought. If he compiled all his threads onto his blog, he would be the ultimate reference point for how this community has evolved, and all the different schools of thought in it.

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Anyway, Nash’s tweet mentioned something I have never talked about before.

Because I never consciously noticed it.

You see, there are two MASSIVE tells that a woman is interested and wants you to approach.

The first I’ve spoken about at length. The girl gives you strong eye contact, or looks at you and then looks down… and then looks back again (this is the famous “peek back” in Nick Spark’s parlance).

But the second I’ve overlooked.

And that’s when a girl positions herself close to you… even if she is not facing you.

This last part is pretty crucial, because it’s counter-intuitive but undoubtably true.

Remember that women NEVER want to approach guys. A woman is not supposed to lead the seduction process, the man is supposed to pursue. SHE wants to be the object of desire (from a desirable man).

And yet women know which guys they are interested in, and initiate the process in their own way… through eye contact and proximity.

This is to make it easier for you, showing her intention, while giving her the subtle “plausible deniability” a woman needs to protect her feminine role in the interaction.

Which is why a girl who’s down will come right near you and stay there… ostensibly doing her own thing, and even going out of her way to appear disinterested.

Most guys assume because she’s acting disinterested that she is.

But remember the subtext:

There were MANY other places in the venue that the girl could go, and yet she moved near you.

Sure, sometimes this is unintentional. But not as often as you’d think.

Anyway, another “tip” to keep in mind.

And if you want a thousand others that directly applicable to your own situation…

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– Pat