Threw out a fun tweet the other day that went somewhat viral:

Glad a lot of you enjoyed the humor. But it did land a bit close to home, didn’t it?

Let’s be frank: the manosphere doesn’t really care much about intelligence in women.

Some of this is understandable, though misapplied. A lot of guys automatically equate intelligence with education… and we all know the problems with education today (it’s usually just programming that makes you DUMBER). But education is NOT intelligence, and if you think that way you have been programmed yourself.

The bigger problem though is that it is actually underlines they are naive and terrible at qualifying what sort of they should commit to and why.

Don’t get me wrong. If you’re just hooking up, you are welcome to select an attractive yet mentally unimpressive woman. This was a common thing throughout history; kings and nobles would see a pretty commoner and have an affair with her, often with a bastard child resulting. These women are relatively low maintenance in the “dating stages”; you are more impressive than her, and she knows it. Frame control is thus easy during courtship, which makes guys foolishly consider committing further out of ego.

But the truth is were you to commit to this woman, you would also commit several crimes against yourself.

The first is maybe distasteful to some of you to say, but I will say it anyway: having kids with a significantly less intelligent woman is dysgenic. Some studies claim children get ALL their intelligence from their mothers; while I seriously doubt this, I don’t doubt that a mother’s intelligence has a HUGE impact on IQ.

You are of course welcome to do what you want. But I’d think you’d want to give your children the best future possible. Making a DUMB woman their mother is a great way to maximize their chances of FAILING at life. No amount of money can fix stupidity. Then again, maybe YOU aren’t that smart yourself — maybe that’s why you want this kind of woman.

The second reason is related to the above. Dating a girl for sex and fun is fine, you can compartmentalize other areas of your life (just wrap up!). But marriage? This is a partnership in every sense of the word. Even if you intend to run the family finances (with few exceptions you should), you want a shrewd and capable woman who can hold down the fort if necessary, and provide you with valuable insights into your own blindspots and the character of others around you.

My wife is a very smart woman. I cannot tell you how many times she’s sized someone up quickly that I was perhaps a bit too accepting towards for sentimental reasons, keeping me sharp and objective. She is a trusted sounding-board, and her intelligence sets the bar higher for me and my decision-making. I may be the captain of the family, developing the big-picture strategy, but she is the sergeant who is grounded and keeps the “family machine” running. All women have this to some extent, but because of her brains this feedback is precise and valuable.


Which brings us to the final reason: communication and connection. Sure, it’s nice to be able to talk about what you care about, with enough understanding that the two of you can have a real conversation. Even better is the banter — if you’re smart, there is more “creativity” shall we say in the teasing and sexual tension.

But one of the biggest benefits is conflict resolution. Look — you will get into fights over the course of your relationship. I guarantee you do not want to hash things out with someone who would be an ideal candidate to work at the DMV. Not only will she be unable to point out your own issues (a key part of relationship alchemy and growth) but you won’t even be able to resolve basic things. Great sex can compensate for this poor communication to an extent, but even this only creates an incentive for conflict in the end.

At any rate, I think you get the idea.

Intelligence is as important as looks, character, and femininity when it comes to commitment.

And if you want to attract and keep that intelligent woman?

Apply here:

– Pat