So in my other job, I recently had a big sales opportunity.

I was selling a high-quality product at a low price point, to a place that had the space to sell TONS of the product.

It would have been a huge coup for me to make this sale… and I was confident about it going in.

Not only did I believe in the product, but I also knew the guy I was selling to well.

It was all pretty much in the bag.

Or so I thought.

First issue when I get there — there is another guy before selling a similar thing for LESS.

I was definitely a bit thrown off… I thought I’d have the spotlight for myself!

But the real issue?

He didn’t like the product.

Different preferences entirely, and apparently to the market he’s selling, it wouldn’t have been a good fit.

No question I was dejected… but I realized leaving the appointment something illuminating.

It was entirely my fault.

No, I probably wouldn’t have gotten the product into the place… though I definitely could have done a much better job pitching.

The issue was my attitude.

I was complacent. I didn’t visual the sale, I expected it. So I wasn’t prepared for objections — and most of all, I wasn’t prepared emotionally (and now, logistically) for what would happen if things didn’t work out.

I tell you this tale of sorrow and woe not simply for your amusement but your benefit.

Because it’s as common with women as anywhere else.

Knowing your value is paramount. But part of knowing your value is feeling no sense of scarcity or need when others don’t recognize it.

To be able to promote your “product” yet also be unfazed if others don’t see the value in it.

Because the truth is, there will ALWAYS be people who find you “not their cup of tea” for whatever reason.

(Read: Rejection. Is It Really All That Bad?)

Expectations that they MUST see you as something amazing belies a frame of need… and recklessness.

Always anticipate the no. Because there always is one.

Maybe you can mitigate it, maybe you can’t — but by knowing where you don’t appeal, you can target better… and accept with serenity when you’re not a good fit.

Something that applies not only to business, but women, of course.

Women really DO have a type. They DO have a demographic they are interested in.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how rich, or charming, or good-looking you are… they just won’t be interested.

Anyway, I acknowledge its much the same with coaching. Doesn’t matter what I know, doesn’t matter about my street-cred – some guys are just not going to “feel” I’m the person they should work with.

Which is cool.

But for the rest of you…

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