As you all know, I’m a very curious person. In an effort to really understand (and thus serve) men in their relationships with women and themselves, I’ve perused many different communities.

One of which are the “spirituality” or “new age” ones.

Now, not going to rag on these people too much. They are very sweet and sincere people… and some of them are very knowledgable. Indeed — I’ve learned a lot of my healing work through their understanding of energy.

But there’s a problem with this community. A big one, in fact.

They are so absorbed with “love and light” and unity, they don’t understand boundaries.

An example:

There was a 40-something year old couple I met at a retreat a few years back. Very warm, “mushy” to everyone. Super open, as you might expect.

Well a few months ago something interesting happened to them.

They brought on a young man to do videography for their coaching programs. He was 15-20 years younger than the woman, 20-25 years younger than the man. The three of them had a “very close” relationship and were traveling together, etc.

I think you can see where this is going.

Recently the old couple announced they are “consciously uncoupling” because this younger guy is piping the woman.

Now look, I get things change… and not being jealous is a virtue.

But the thing is, the three of these people are still hanging out together. The old man is “very happy” for the two of them… something tells me a little too “happy.”

Point of this kinda creepy little tale?

Part A:

These people are full of shit for the most part. They claim to be open and loving, but in truth use a lot of coded language to avoid confrontation — especially the men. And as you can see, many are so repressed with their emotions (can’t get angry, that’s not very enlightened!) their feelings of inadequacy tend to evolve into some sort of fetishism.

But Part B:

Healthy spirituality isn’t about being a fucking bitch. A man connected to the divine should be a warrior for truth not some doormat. In other words — as a man you are not healthy or “healed” unless you have a fire in your belly and the ability and self-respect to say no.

This guy was basically a “nice guy” with a bunch of “love and light” lingo attached. And because he’s so nice he has been psyopped into not simply allowing but encouraging the narcissistic and impulsive variant of femininity that lurks in those corners.

This isn’t openness. It’s avoidance.

And it’s why this woman left, and it’s why so many of these women flit from lover to lover.

What castrated male can inspire a real sense of desire and love in a woman?

The answer: None.

But likewise cannot a man who only gets the “logic” of being a man, and not the heart.

The truth is women these days are tired of option A or option B.

They want a man with STRENGTH and DEPTH.

A man who penetrates her physically and emotionally.

A man with masculine energy… but who knows not only how to lead with wisdom and courage, but to love.

Despite their demand, there’s not many of these out there unfortunately.

But the good news:

If you become one, you’ll have the pick of the litter with women.

How to do that?

Well, there’s a distinct journey for every man. And wanting it is the first step.

But it helps if you have someone who’s seen the promised land to guide you.

If you want said guide, apply here:

– Pat