Short email for you today – just wanted to give you all a heads up the interview I did with the great Jay Campbell is LIVE.

In case for some reason you didn’t know… Jay is one of the foremost thought leaders in body optimization in the world. He was a pioneer of the use of TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) and is an expert in the most cutting edge science in hormonal health and longevity, and has since ventured into stopping hair loss.

(You might recall I repped his hair product a few months back – now he’s out with version 2.0, which has more Carbon-60 and a better application system, making it as much as 5x more effective).

But Jay has been perhaps even better known over the past few years for his studies of the occult. Aside from alternative history… he’s written quite a bit on “raising your vibration,” energy, and levels of consciousness… and has been a nexus point for influential thinkers in this community.

So as you might imagine, I was grateful for the opportunity to be on. It was a FANTASTIC conversation, revolving in large part around fear consciousness and the perils of it.

But I need to warn you – a lot of this stuff you might find “out there.” While we talk about 5D relationships and varied consciousness in dating (Jay used to be in the Red Pill once upon a time) – a huge amount of the show is focused on the current political situation, and about “the new age” that’s coming.

Might not be your cup of tea. Or… it might be something you can’t get enough of.

Anyway, check out the full 1.5 hours here:

Back to your regular scheduled programming tomorrow.

– Pat

PS If you like “weird,” also check out this podcast I did with Jack Heald over the summer. We cover all sorts of esoterica… frankly stuff I don’t usually talk about unless asked.

Never got the link to the finished product, and didn’t know it had been published until this past week ->