Those of you familiar with my work should be familiar at this point with my work on the three pillars of attraction.

(I gave a great speech on it in 2019 at the 21 Convention – if you missed it, check it out)

However, if you’ve been following me recently on twitter, you’d also see that I’ve been talking about some other concepts, which are somewhat related: 3D, 4D, and 5D

These terms concerning the “three dimensions” are mostly used to describe levels of consciousness. 3D is considered to be a very “dense,” lower-vibration way of thinking about the world. 5D in contrast is very open, emphasizing love. 4D, more cerebral; generally somewhere in between.

But the utility of these concepts is not limited to spirituality circles. Our relationships are a product of our consciousness. Therefore what level of consciousness we are at determines the nature of our relationships.

My upcoming book centers on this topic; I’ll be going into it in depth there. But I would like to explore it a bit with you now — to “prime the pump” — and show not only how it matters, but how it affects attraction.

How To Think About The Dimensions of Attraction

Before we go into the nature of these dimensions, however, I want to issue a caveat.

First off — every dimension is important to master. While it is true that the higher dimensions are “more powerful”… you can’t just jump into them. This creates blindspots, which lead to a collapse in mental health. You see this a lot in spirituality circles who want to think like “5D”… but still have tons of victimhood and shame internalized. Papering this over allows them to get trapped in “false light” programs (ex: feminism) and fall back to lower states of consciousness.

It’s better to think of these dimensions like a hierarchy. Address 3D and it’s easier to move onto 4D. Address 4D and it’s easier to move in 5D. While you don’t have to “master” each dimension to move up to the next one — the more you do master, the more grounded you are in the later stages.

That said, the biggest barrier for most people is not clearing up pockets in the lower dimensions, but actually perceiving the next dimension. We always have work on ourselves to do — that’s the nature of life — but these jumps in consciousness are massive, as they open whole new domains to do the work. This is especially true when we talk about the jump from 4D to 5D — the next big jump required for most people in the West.

But before we begin, let’s start with the basics. 

3D Attraction: Biological Attraction

Most people are at a 3D level of consciousness on this planet… though fortunately, this is changing.

3D consciousness revolves around overt displays of force. It thus emphasizes the material.

You are either rich… or poor. You are either high status… or low status. You are either fit… or fat.

Sex and resources are the goal here. It’s primal and physical. People in this state have their energy congregated at their genitals.

3D attraction, as you can see, clusters around preselection. It is what you have vs what you don’t have.

Now, it needs to be emphasized that fitness, wealth, and status are all GOOD things. These are not your enemies. They DO create attraction… especially on a biological level for women.

The problem is that 3D consciousness believes these things are ALL that matters.

People in this state of consciousness on the lower end tend to be incels, bitter red pillers, simps… overall failures with women. They complain constantly and feel worthless, and believe that women only like rich, hot men.

Again, is there truth to their observation that women like these men? Yes. But what’s relevant here is their single-minded focus on it. They believe that what you have determines your worth. This is a 3D way of looking at things — not wrong persey, but limited.

On the higher-end of 3D consciousness are people who similarly believe these things. The difference? They ARE rich, physically attractive, and high status.

These guys will get girls who are also in 3D consciousness — the golddiggers, soft-prostitutes, etc. And they get these women because these women care about 3D things.

This is why when guys complain about women being whores, or that they only care about superficial stuff… they’re both right and wrong.

3D consciousness women do care mostly about these things. And if you don’t have them, a “3D” woman will pretty much write you off. Communities and cultures that support 3D consciousness will thus tend to have more women like this.

You can tell a guy is predominantly in 3D because this is all he emphasizes, whether he possesses these things or not. These men focus more on being rich than wealthy. They focus on showing off abs rather than overall vitality.

These are subtle differences, but important ones, as money and aesthetics are important things to master in the 3D realm. You might argue that until a baseline is met in these two domains, it’s hard to fully move on from this level of consciousness… and to cease desiring the girls who inhabit it.

Which is why it’s a baseline requirement for men to take care of these two things. You must take responsibility for your looks and for your finances to become a great man. This doesn’t mean fixating on becoming Arnold Schwarzenegger or Warren Buffet — what matters is not the acquisition of such things but a lack of want for them.

The highest vibration people stop caring about money only because it’s a trifle; they feel no lack for it. If they need money, they can get it easily. Low vibration people, however, are humiliated and shamed by ugliness and poverty — and thus enamored by beauty and riches. These failures become a vector to keep them from ascending.

Thus while many rich and handsome men nevertheless obsess upon such things (and remain unhappily trapped in 3D)… most only realize it’s a futile game after they “have it all” yet somehow feel empty. They can only stop playing after they’ve won it.

3D is defined by materialism — what you have is who you are. Thus 3D is also in a certain sense defined by fear. The losers in the 3D realm are terrified and show it; the winners show off because they’re terrified of being like the losers. They are arrogant and filled with pride; a bravado which reveals their fragility.

If you understand this, you can destroy these people psychologically — no matter what “assets” they have. They always have skeletons in their closet; they live in fear of being “found out.” The only response they have is to call you poor and ugly. Yet another reason to master 3D; it makes you immune to attacks from people in this consciousness.

4D Attraction: Psychological Attraction

Things change a bit in 4D. In his must-read book Power vs Force, Dr. David Hawking’s describes a significant jump in personal power and consciousness between Pride (the upper bounds of fear and scarcity) and Courage (the beginning of confidence and abundance). This is the part where risk-taking, vulnerability, and personal development comes into play.

When someone enters 4D, they realize whatever problems they have — they can change. Not simply their outcomes, but how they show up in the world. There is hope, even if challenges remain ahead. This emphasis on doing things differently makes them stand out from the 3D crowd, who in contrast have a very black-and-white, zero-sum way of looking at the world.

The growth-mindset in 4D is directly correlated to an increased level of consciousness. These people want to learn — they believe knowledge is power, and that knowledge allows you to act better.

Understand the 4D mind does not dismiss the value of money or looks; he simply gets that it is more powerful to act like a person who gets these things than to merely have them.

At the bottom of 4D is a cautious optimism; a willingness… at the top is a true sense that this world is ripe for mastery. If you want a certain outcome, all you must do is follow a certain process. 4D consciousness understands the mind is malleable, and seeks to not only adapt one’s own thinking, but others.

Psychological dominance is the goal here. It’s mental and emotional. People in this state have energy congregated in their heads.

It’s for this reason that 4D correlates for the most part with the second pillar of attraction, Persona.

A master of the 4D realm is a master of psychology and human nature. Hooking up with women becomes easy; making money a game as this level of consciousness is integrated.

Most elite performers, entrepreneurs, and playboys in society are predominantly in 4D consciousness. Here the pen is mightier than the sword… because he who controls the pen can persuade those with the sword to work for them.

There is no blunt desperation or need to prove oneself the higher one goes in 4D. These men are confident, attractive, and know how to turn their women on. They know it’s up to them to be engaged in their relationships, to understand how women work. They have internalized the behavior of attractive men and act accordingly.

Which is why it’s difficult for many to see beyond 4D. You can get what you want if you know how to get it, and if you work for it. Failure is just a learning experience.

But 4D has its limitations. Dating and relationships may not be as superficial as in 3D, but there is still the “burden of performance.” There is still a sense of “needing to do X or Y” to attract women. You add to looks, wealth, and status the ever-impressive game. With women fully grounded in 4D themselves, your interactions with them will be like dangerous liaisons. Who wins, who loses?

4D romance is not a game of resources, but a game of hearts — something “traditional” people just don’t seem to get. You cannot go back to 3D ways of thinking with arranged marriages, marriages of convenience, etc. when consciousness has changed.

Women want men who understand how they tick; men want women who can turn them on. 

Masculinity and femininity become more than playing roles or having stuff in 4D, they become dances. How the person makes you feel is how attracted you are to them.

But 4D falls short for a very specific reason: it persists in the lie, like 3D, of seeking control. 3D believes you get control from assets (genetic or economic); 4D reasons that you need more than that, you must understand how people think to really control them.

5D Attraction: Divine Attraction

5D leaves both of these behind: it realizes power comes actually from not controlling. That the game itself is actually the biggest barrier to connection. That the core of attraction isn’t simply looks or isn’t simply femininity — it’s seeing a woman’s soul, and loving it warts and all. It knows when to commit or to let go, and is at peace with either option. Truth and alignment are the goals, not ego victories.

As you can see, it’s difficult to talk about 5D without being misconstrued, as the language around it feels very flowery. Love? Soul mates? Healing a woman’s heart?

Part of what makes this easy to dismiss is that many people claim to be “5D” when they are physically and psychologically unhealthy. 5D consciousness requires a high level of self-awareness — it is beyond personal development, it is self-actualization. True 5D does not have blinders on about a woman — the bullshit that “everyone is beautiful inside and out” — it is discerning; indeed, far more than 4D, as it has dropped the pretensions around control, and can thus avoid games.

5D consciousness is characterized by an almost entire lack of shame. 5D can accept another’s flaws because it understands the humanity in them. 5D is love. And men in 5D give love through their truth.

A 5D man sees beyond a woman’s sexual triggers, he sees her often better than she sees herself. He thus penetrates not simply her body and mind but her soul. Indeed, he can do it with just a stare.

The power in 5D consciousness comes from understanding the limitations of 3D and 4D. Again, this doesn’t mean that he ignores or diminishes things in the prior two dimensions; he merely values them for different reasons.

While a 3D man cares about fitness because his identity revolves around looking-good, or a 4D man does it because he understands the practical value (socially and biologically) of getting in shape; the 5D man values his fitness because it is a reflection of his love for himself. While a 4D man learns game because he thinks he needs it to trigger attraction, a 5D man sees game as a form of play, as well as something to know to protect oneself against bad actors in 4D.

5D loves without attachment; it is unconditional. It heals wounds. This does not mean that 5D consciousness does not feel pain or separation, but that it accepts the emotion simply as what it is, and allows it flow through them.

It loves so much that it wants the best for the other party — and most importantly, surrenders to the truth about the two of you. This includes letting a woman go if the two of you are not meant to be together.

People in lower levels of consciousness scoff at the existence of this sort of thing. Which indeed is understandable, as perhaps only 5% of the world’s population has gotten here yet. Do not attempt to date a woman in 4D or certainly 3D and think her love is unconditional. And do not forget that unconditional love does not necessarily mean unconditional commitment.

Surrender to truth and connection is the goal here. It’s intimate and spiritual. People in this state have energy congregated in their hearts.

5D is achieved through radical self-honesty and the acceptance of the self, which is why it correlates most strongly to the third pillar of attraction, Personality.

As people get into this state of consciousness they increasingly glow. Radiance is the best to term to describe women like this. They are generally beautiful though not seductive like women in 3D or 4D. They give themselves deeply to love, but not a fantasy love.

They are not silly girls. They demand a fully open heart from their men, and have no time for PUA mind games. These women are integrated and know their shadow; they can be both tender and fierce, and know how to surrender while maintaining their boundaries.

5D love is a game of surrender and play — who can open up the other more. It is both the most intense and lightest form of loving on this plane. Indeed, the higher up you go in 5D, the more your love comes from God.

Conclusions: The Dimensions of Attraction in Practice

As you can see from the above, your consciousness determines not only the kind of relationship you’ll have, but the kind of romances you’ll seek out.

(Read: The 5 Tiers of Women)

Tier 5 dynamics — purely looks and status lays, groupies — are purely 3D consciousness, which is why guys above this (effectively all of my clientele) don’t really enjoy these. Drugs are often involved to numb bad feelings.

Tier 4 dynamics — cold pick ups / one night stands — are a mix between 3D and 4D consciousness. They require game, but it’s still superficial and mostly physical.

Tier 3 dynamics — girls in your circle / context hook ups — are mostly 4D consciousness. These girls are drawn to you because you’ve got game and carry yourself well. Very often casual cat-and-mouse mind games.

Tier 2 dynamics — girls you are close to and date regularly — are a mix between 4D and 5D consciousness. There are still games with these girls, but also substantial intimacy.

Tier 1 dynamics — girls you commit to seriously, feel deep connection with — are 5D consciousness. You want to get very close to these women, and explore each other not simply physically and psychologically but spiritually.

Most personal growth comes from dating women in the elite tiers. You go deeper with them, therefore more is brought to the surface from your romances with them.

Now, does this mean that Tier 1 relationships are necessarily “clean?” Are you in 5D simply because you have a Tier 1 relationship?

No. What it means is that this sort of relationship offers the potential to grow into that kind of consciousness, and will give you the experience of what it feels like. This is indeed what a man and a woman feel during the “honeymoon phase” — a temporary taste of 5D. How long you feel this high depends on how integrated and your partner are… and whether or not you decide to “do the work” together to get there.

And if you want help doing that deep work? And perhaps finding a woman you can do it with?

You should probably consider working with me.

I don’t work with every guy. Men stuck in 3D will not resonate with my work. They are frankly not ready for it.

But I do work with men across the board in 4D consciousness, and show those in it (if they desire) how to move towards 5D.

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– Pat