About two years ago I wrote an article on DJ Khaled’s dating advice.

It was a silly article.

I made fun of DJ Khaled’s brains, while respecting his supreme confidence.

(and considered what you really need to get women)

But I’m realizing now that I was wrong.

Not about the importance of shameless confidence… but about Khaled.

It all started the other night when I was watching “Purple Lamborghini” on youtube.

(this is how you know it’s going to be a good story)

As usual with such things, I found myself immersed in a wormhole of shitty modern artist-collaboration music videos… when it hit me.

About 80% have DJ Khaled in them. And not in the background for like 10 seconds in the beginning… throughout the entire piece.

DJ Khaled is absolutely killing it.

He may have been some random back-up “hype guy” years ago, but that’s changed.

He’s now the frontrunner.

And his persona is only growing.

I say persona because what you see in those videos is not who DJ Khaled actually is.

It’s a joke character that he created and makes money off of.

LOADS of money.

While we’re laughing at him, he’s laughing all the way to the bank.

We’ve “played ourselves,” so to speak.

A lesson we best internalize… not just with fat wealthy musical artists… but with the fairer sex.

Just as DJ Khaled feigns stupidity (a form of weakness), many women feign helplessness.

They make us feel like they NEED us, which in turn makes us feel important and valuable.

This is Girl Game — what those who whine about men getting “used” by women constantly miss.

The problem is actually MEN.

Men WANT to be used, because most men are sacrificial beasts of burden.

It is our wiring; our role in the species. That women — whose own role is to guarantee future generations — take advantage of this is no surprise.

Nor are they always wrong to do so, to be fair.

(Men *should* protect and provide)

But it does present problems.

Because when some bad-news woman hacks this system, we end up doing things that are very bad for ourselves, and for our soul.

We end up giving ourselves away, telling ourself the whole time that we have to stay with her because “she needs me.”

Dangerous stuff.

But there is some good news.

I can show you what these women are all about, and how to protect yourself from them.

And I might not-so-humbly add I’m pretty damn good at it.

*All* of my “dating” clients end up dating women during our time working together (even if this wasn’t happening before), and many of these women try to “trap” them into relationships.

Which can be good… but can also be dangerous, since very often the woman just isn’t a great fit… or is overtly messed up.

But most guys miss this.

They get caught up in the girl game she’s throwing at him, and get “lost in the sauce”… a mistake that can waste years of a man’s life, and really scar him.

(since these girls eventually discard their prey, once their attention becomes a commodity)

Unlike DJ Khaled, not so benevolent.

So protect yourselves if you’re getting back in the game.

And consider working with me: www.patstedman.com/application

I’ll give you honest, accurate feedback that ain’t so common…

– Pat

PS Check out this DJ Khaled video and have a laugh, as you make the big man some more bucks