I’m writing this on a plane, traveling across Indian Ocean.

By the time you guys get it, however, I’ll be at my final destination.


I’ve always had a weird things for islands, particularly temperate or subarctic ones.

The more remote the better.

I always took this to be (one of many) weird things about me, but recently I’ve tried to think of why this is… and I don’t think it’s all that complicated.

They are “random,” and thus interesting to my extraverted intuitive mind. Islands also represent freedom. And, non-tropical because I’m not a big fan of hot, disease-ridden places.

But, this trip is particularly interesting because a good friend of mine from Twitter turned out to be from Tasmania.

(Give him a follow, this is a new account and he hasn’t started his site yet but it’ll be out in a few weeks – I’ve seen the material and you WANT to be onboard https://twitter.com/mathghamhain33 )

It’s the second time I’ve planned a trip someplace completely random assuming I would be on my own, only to find friends and everything planned out for me.

It happened the first time in Warsaw.

I booked a ticket at New Years with nary an expectation, and ended up at an acquaintance’s party, serendipitously with the girl who would end up being my wife.

(I also made two great Belgian friends that weekend, one of whom would live with me in the US, and both of whom later attended my wedding.)

And now, it looks to be happening again.We’ll be spending three days seeing vineyards and hiking in the wild (at least, as far as I know, it’s a surprise).

Why do I mention such things?

It’s not to brag.

Rather, it’s to explain… so you can do have the same sort of synchronicity (even if random destinations aren’t much your thing).

I have spent much of the last year trying to understand how the universe works.

I haven’t fully pierced the veil.

Likely, I never will.

Most evidence suggests we were just designed to interpret this surface reality, not the one beyond it.

But I have learned one thing.

There are “currents” in this world.

Currents that run societally.

(you should be able to see very clearly at this point who’s swimming against the stream and drowning, and who’s enjoying the ride lazy-river style)

And more importantly, currents that run within us.

(Read: The Springs of Your Life)

These “internal” currents are at the core of who we are.

They happen when we’re aligned.

Doing the right things. Confident in our paths.

When we’re listening to this voice everything works out for us.

I’ll tell you some stories about this alignment tomorrow.

(I don’t want this email to get too long)

But for now I want to ask you… do you feel aligned in your life?

Are you doing the things, spending the time with the people you ought to be?

This isn’t always easy to tell.

One, fear tends to cloud the mind.

And very often, things that were “aligned” at one point may no longer be aligned at another.

(these are the hardest things to accept)

Which is why outside perspective from someone who knows the difference, and can speak the truth in a direct-yet-lovingly way can be very useful.

Someone like moi.

The truth is a little crazy. But I’m just going to say it.

Every guy I’ve worked with in the past year has seen extreme leveling-up – and not just with women.

(Even just from the very first call)

Now, I can’t take all the credit.

My clients are amazing — and most importantly, ready.

They come to me when their lives are at a transition point.

They know they want a different world, but they don’t know how to get there.

Which is why my screening process is intense.

You need to fill out an application.

Then, if that passes muster, we jump on a call.

And if we are a good fit — yes, I have spent “sales calls” convincing people not to work with me yet — I never hard sell.

It almost doesn’t make sense. It’s like I don’t want business.

But the truth is, I know from experience as I guide, I can’t carry people the whole way.

I can carry them at times. And, I can show them where to go if they’re lost.

But most of the time I’m teaching them how to work without me.

To read the maps themselves.

Lazy people who don’t want to put in the work, who are looking for general “advice,” are just not my clientele.

You gotta be about the big change.

Anyway, you get the idea.

If you’re ready, sign up here: www.patstedman.com/application

If you’re not… no worries.

Maybe down the road…

– Pat