A reader writes in:

good morning pat! i watched your talk at the 22 convention on youtube & learned so much. thank you!!

i had a Q around energy dynamics.

in the talk, you mentioned how men have so much life force. & women are drawn to that life force, which i resonate with as a woman lol. so men go to women, substances, the gym, etc. to drain of their energy. their life force. especially when there’s too much.

but then i also read how men GET their energy from women.

how do the 2 coexist? where men’s energy is drained from women who are more receptive/submissive in nature . . . & men also are energized from women?

Excellent question. The topic is indeed more complicated than I conveyed in the talk, and words don’t always do justice to the conversation.

The truth is that men and women both have energy in them. The difference is in the quality of the energy and where the energy comes from.

Men have innate energy within them which emerges internally on its own, in accordance with a man’s sex drive and youth. This “yang” energy is more action-oriented; it is impulse. This is what makes men naturally more active and energetic than women in the aggregate. This overt energy is masculine energy, and it is what women seek from men.

Women who have not integrated their masculine do not have much access to this energy; however healthy women do have “yin” energy of their own. The difference is that yin energy does not come from within the woman, it is collective energy they draw into themselves. In this sense women are not energy generators like men; they are energy conductors.

As you can see, sometimes women get offended by this, in large part because feminist programming makes them automatically defensive when hearing they do not have something that men have. So allow me to flesh it out better so the power of this gift is more properly understood.

The ability of a woman to receive means that she has the ability to essentially draw whatever she needs towards her with minimal direct effort.

She can manifest abundance in her life, in large part because she embodies fortune. Nature provides and induces men to do favors for her, as they want her fortune to favor them. You see this first hand with beautiful, graceful women — they literally have to do nothing but graciously receive. The more they allow themselves to receive, the more they get.

This is the difference between high-energy yang and yin energy. A high-energy masculine man acts; he pushes. A high-energy feminine woman accepts; she pulls.

A man’s innate energy, however, is limited. He has his will, and his will may be strong, but there is only so much a man himself can do. So he becomes a leader, and focuses the will of other men for his purpose as well. Indeed, leadership is little more than the focus of will.

But what motivates these men to endure seemingly hopeless challenges, and to plunge themselves into oblivion? Why do men seek fortune? It is not simply a desire for man to find his edge. Remember: fortune is a woman. A man gains inspiration from the feminine to act, and he in turn seeks favor from it.

By their nature men are much more blocked from receiving cosmic energy. This is creativity, inspiration… women act as a vector for these energies coming in. Men seek women to garner this energy. This is why essentially all great art is either inspired by God, nature, or a woman.

Women are vessels of the divine. They have access to endless energy. But unlike a man, who’s challenge is to generate, control, and focus his energy, the challenge of the feminine is to let energy come into her without stopping it. Women get scared of allowing, because it means they need to lose control — to surrender. This inability to surrender cuts off energy flow into a woman, and thus impoverishes her. Such women feel empty, and by degrees become parasites because being cut off from the divine; they depend upon the energy of a man to survive.

You see this play out of energies first hand with sex. By their nature men orgasm and then are finished. Younger men may be able to reconstitute their energy quickly for a “round 2,” but an orgasm is fundamentally a loss of life force; the more a man cums, the more depleted he is.

Women in contrast can orgasm multiple times, and do not lose energy from the process but gain it. The reason for this is because the female orgasm is generated from energy that has come into the woman. It is not innate and limited life force being depleted, it is cosmic energy outside of her she has allowed to come into her. This is why women must “get in the mood” unlike men; to be sexual they must first become receptive. Horny women are naturally receptive women.

For men the energy is already mostly in them and needs release. For women the energy is mostly outside of them and needs to come in.

So to answer the question…

Women are drawn to the light of a man and want to receive him, because they are receivers of energy, and such a man can fill them with life. Men are drawn to this receptiveness because if such a woman favors him, he gains access to energy he could not otherwise gather, and the potency of his own actions are amplified.

Female succubi are such a danger for a man, because he might think he is getting a woman who inspires and elevates him, when in truth he is getting one who drains and diminishes him.

What to do?

Work with me.

Because revealing such women is one of my top specialities.

It can be very tough for a man under a woman’s spell to know whether he is dealing with a woman who will take him to new heights, or a woman who will send him to hell.

But it is not tough for me.

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– Pat