I remember a few months back I was running a bootcamp.

We were practicing “daytime approaches,” on this occasion, in a grocery store.

I wanted my client to go up to a girl and “open” her with specific compliment. I explained exactly how to do it, and, like a diligent student, he saw a cute blond, and dutifully went up and complimented her on her dress. Her response?

Not simply positive, but very positive. She was practically beaming.

I gazed from afar with pride.

Until I saw him, rather than continue the conversation, split, and run back to me.

Leaving her standing there, mid-sentence, mouth agape.

I asked him why he left. He struggled to answer, and as I began to tell him to go back and talk to her, something funny happened.

She came over and approached him.

Eager to continue the conversation.

(And, slightly annoyed she had to do it.)

In the end, my pupil got a phone number. But also a bigger lesson:

Don’t bail when you’ve got a good thing going.

It’s “ok” not to know what to do. Information is good to use if you have it, but it is better to act without it than not act at all. Especially in person, when winging it is a required part of the skill set.

But if that’s not your cup of tea, fortunately, some areas are more “controlled” than others.

Such as texting.

You can take your time to respond (within reason).

And, make sure you’re cultivating a message that is perfect.

How, might you ask?

Through my book, Tackling Texting.

It’s got all the secrets I used to turn Texting from the weakest part of my game to the area where I excelled.

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– Pat

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