It’s always amusing for me to watch the “storylines” some of these marketing guys use to get guys to jump onboard their products.

Consistently, they pander to man’s most base instinct: laziness.

Can’t really blame them.

(Even if their “hacks” won’t reproduce results in 99.9% of similar guys)

Chances are, they’ve found the “exception” — the guy that defies all the stereotypes.

A useful tool in marketing… but, also, it turns out in real life.

Cause, in fact, you can learn a lot from this exception.

Not because of the “superficial” move he’s using, though.

(The “trick” is a little more serious than that)

Because of his mindset.

Here’s why:

Any guy that defies common sense with what he’s able to accomplish, based on his objective value, skills, or appearance, has one thing everybody else is missing.

The right mentality.

I genuinely believe an overweight, past-his-prime guy on the streets *could* get a beautiful woman attracted to him — at least in the moment — if he had this going for him.

If he truly believed he was more than worthy of her – indeed, that SHE might be lucky enough to be worthy of him.

Of course, that ain’t exactly easy.

(And there’s no reason to mimic him and make it more tough for yourself)

But talk to a man who’s certain of his value, and women (and men) seem to forget their prejudices real fast.

Such is the mind.

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– Pat

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