Was talking to a client last about a girl he’s been seeing.

He was telling me how they were going on dates, holding hands, kissing. He’d tell her stories, tease her. She’d laugh.

All good, right?

But, when it came time for sex, she had to stop… because the realization hit her that “I’m still hung up on my boyfriend.”

She got dressed quickly, he played it off cool, and next time they saw each other their flirty courtship resumed, business as usual.

To the untrained eye, no big deal. After all, she clearly likes him — they’re making out, holding hands, etc.

But, there’s a problem.

Can you guess what it is?

No, it’s not that she’s actually hung up on that old guy.

(or at least, that’s not what’s getting in the way)

My boy is forgetting to do something very, very commonly forgotten with women.

Create the tension.

She’s attracted to him and they clearly have chemistry. But she’s not fully feeling that animal desire from him.

She’s getting ‘beta’ vibes from him that he’s not prepared to pursue sex if it means damaging their relationship.

No bueno.

You’ve got to always be moving forward gentlemen. He who hesitates is lost.

You can’t be afraid of rejection. Get in touch with your desire. Let there be some silence. Get comfortable with it. Show your it in your eyes and your body.

Then make the moves.

– Pat

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