Cat Shit Tail

Yesterday, I had a bit of a predicament. My cat, scoundrel that he is, ate one of my wife’s hair bands. Not a good thing. Hair bands can get caught in a cat’s intestines. If they get bunched up enough, they can cause tears and even require surgery to remove. An awful prospect. We would […]

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Movies, Sex, Girls

Yesterday I heard an interesting story. A colleague of mine has been hooking up with a girl for the past three weeks. Him and this fine damsel were sleeping together on the regular. Last night, however, after they had their regular “rendezvous,” he asked her if she wanted to stick around and watch a Woody

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Pat Stedman’s Amateur Hour

So, as many of you know, my new book, Tackling Texting, was supposed to come out today.And, yet, it has not. To be honest, though it would be “classic Pat” to have something unfinished on my end delaying the opening, truthfully this time it was a little something more bland. Amazon apparently has an *up

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Basic Screening

Today I jumped on a bus from NYC to south jersey. It was crowded, and there were a lot of standbys. It was (sadly) clear all of them were not going to get on. Bodies were fighting to get in. So, I was a bit surprised to see a girl on the bus had placed

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St. Patrick’s Day Problems

You know, it’s strange. My name is Patrick. I’m at least a third Irish, according to my DNA (And I certainly look it) But St. Patrick’s Day? Wasn’t too big of a fan. Especially, oddly enough, when it came to dating. Despite ALL of the things ostensibly stacked in my favor, St. Patrick’s Day never

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The Two Philosophies Of Attraction (Seduction vs Dominance: Part 2)

In Part 1 we discussed the essence of seduction and dominance, how to use them in pursuit of power and attraction, and modern culture’s role. But are seduction and dominance equal? Or is one obviously better? Seduction vs Dominance: Which Should You Choose? It’s an unpleasant fact for most in the manosphere to hear, but if you

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The Two Philosophies Of Attraction (Dominance vs Seduction: Part 1)

It’s been awhile, but when I got involved in the dating community its philosophy towards attracting women was pretty straightforward, if overcomplicated. All the routines, strategies to clandestinely create good impressions, and mystery-creation all revolved around one philosophy: turning the tables on women. If you could make a gorgeous girl other guys were drooling over drop everything to pursue you, you

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In Defense of the Safe Space

As many of you know, there’s a concept sweeping the nation right now. College kids, terrified by having their precious little views violated, have taken to demanding a “safe space” on campus. In other words, a room where no one who disagrees with them (or who represents someone disagreeable to them) can enter. To make

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Stop Trying To Meet Women

As a dating coach, I am loathe to tell guys not to go out and meet girls. After all, most guys struggling with women are just LOOKING for rationalizations to stop themselves from putting themselves out there. But truth be told, some guys actually need to be told a little something counterintuitive…Chill. Stop practicing approaching women.Stop

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