It’s been awhile, but when I got involved in the dating community its philosophy towards attracting women was pretty straightforward, if overcomplicated.

All the routines, strategies to clandestinely create good impressions, and mystery-creation all revolved around one philosophy: turning the tables on women. If you could make a gorgeous girl other guys were drooling over drop everything to pursue you, you made it as a master pick up artist. The bar was high, but the goals were clear. Become the prize.

This philosophy was, in essence, seduction. And for years it was dating dogma.

Yet by the end of the aughts dissent started to emerge. “Seduction science” began to get a bad rap.

The reasons for this were many. Perhaps the biggest issue, however, was branding. Many of these “Venusian artists” began to show signs they had serious issues. Whether it was bad morals, messed up personal lives, out-there ways of attracting women, or chronically weak frames, they began to lose their appeal — both to women and to prospective clients. As “dating advice” became mainstream, crazy outfits and fake routines were out; normal, socially acceptable ways of attracting women were in.

Many different ideas of attraction spawned off of this soul searching, some in direct opposition to the tricks and techniques of “the game.” But while a few went mainstream and became diluted, and others worked but inconsistently, one philosophy took the community of men by storm. And it’s hold is if anything only growing.


Dominance came into popularity for a couple of reasons. For one, dominant, masculine men simply did well with women no matter what game they knew and applied. It was the “one ring to rule them all,” so to speak. Dominance also seemed to have a historical and evolutionary basis; the stronger the man, the more influence and power he had… and from there, the more women. Made sense.

The red pill community in particular latched onto this philosophy, mostly (and increasingly) eschewing the “erroneous” work of trying to seduce a girl. Why bother if Dominance was the key to becoming successful not just with women, but in everything?

It was a fair point. But was it the full truth? Was Seduction a useless thing to learn compared to Dominance, or was it a different beast entirely?

Seduction And The Curious Case Of Justin Trudeau

Perhaps the most hated political figure in all of the manosphere is Justin Trudeau.

Believe me when I paraphrase the sentiment that “he’s a weak little bitch” I am downplaying the vitriol.

But why is Justin Trudeau hated so much?

Simple, really. The manosphere is all about masculinity and dominance, and despite the fact that Trudeau is perhaps the antithesis of masculinity and dominance, he somehow leads the great nation of Canada.

To them it’s a breach against the natural order; he is not how leaders are supposed to be. I get it.

Yet if guys took a step back from their ego they’d realize something very disconcerting.

Trudeau has a lot of power and influence. And no, I’m not speaking simply from the nature of his position.

I mean people — women in particular — are obsessed with him.

(Look at her. She is hardly able to restrain herself.)

Millennial girls are basically having wet dreams about Trudeau.

Some will say this is a sign Canada is “cucked,” but for me this is neither here nor there. Power is power, and Trudeau has it. No matter how it was acquired, it takes skills to acquire it.

Rather than hate, we should ask: what does Trudeau do that gives him so much power over other people?

Before we answer that question, perhaps we should ask a similar one; address the elephant in the room so to speak.

Why is effeminate, enunciating-to-the-point-of-lisping Trudeau able to make women swoon around him?

No, it is not just his political position; women who have interacted with far more powerful men — including the most powerful man in the world — don’t have the same, blushing reaction to them as they do with Trudeau. And it’s not just his looks (though to be sure they are a huge asset).

No it’s something else… something so powerful even Ivanka Trump can’t resist.

seduction vs dominance

Really, it’s simple.

Justin Trudeau is one of the best seducers around today.

He is like Obama in 2008, but even more charming and attractive.

And thus, incredibly foolish to underestimate.

Game recognize game, and Trudeau’s game is lock tight.

And you better know why if you want similar results in your own life.

How To Seduce Like Justin Trudeau

The first thing to understand about Justin Trudeau is that like any seducer, his preselection matters a lot. Seducers work by promising a person — sometimes explicitly, more often implicitly — their fantasies.

Thus, the more of the fantasy a seducer already can leverage from the outset — be it looks, fame, power, riches — the more effective the seduction that follows is.

To be sure, Trudeau is a very good looking man and he has a big advantage here. So important are his looks to his seduction, it’s hard to imagine him being as successful without it.

But just because something may be necessary, it doesn’t mean it’s sufficient. The real magic lies not in a seducer’s looks, but in his Persona. Watch the video again.

Trudeau’s actions seem fairly basic, but in truth he is doing two things that are downright powerful.

First, note both the content and way he is talking to the girl. Is there anything in there that is not precisely tailored to what that girl wanted to hear?

Sure, you can make the argument that Trudeau really believes those things — and to be honest, I’m sure he does. He doesn’t strike me as a particularly fake person.

(Then again — he is a great seducer)

But the tactical dropping of his statements at the right moments, with the right degree of authenticity and self-awareness, is truly at an expert level.

He knows what those around him want to hear, he knows how say it, and he knows just the right moment to speak and create the maximum impact.

It’s not calculated, so much as intuitive.

He disarms people with his charm and expressiveness. You can see it clear as day in his smile, which is a perfect cocktail of confidence and bashfulness.

The woman in the video sitting with Trudeau can ask him any question and he will tell her exactly what she wants to hear, in just the way she wants to hear it.

She clearly feels like she is in a dream. And why shouldn’t she?

After all, an attractive, powerful man who wants to use his power to give a woman everything she wants is a woman’s ultimate fantasy.

But in truth, it is the second thing he is doing that takes his game into the stratosphere; not in the least because of its rareness. Indeed, it’s something that few self-described “players” truly understand… which is why they are always hitting plateaus.

(Read: As You Are to understand one of the few exceptions who “gets it.”)

He is making her feel important.

Trudeau isn’t trying to intimidate her or be the center of attention. He is speaking to her as if she matters. Like he cares and values her. Yes, he is doing this from a position of influence, but he is doing it nonetheless. And it’s giving her tingles you know where.

Understand, the key mark of a seducer is his ability to appeal to someone’s lust and their ego. Trudeau’s understanding of this is what makes his simple charm lethal seduction when he’s around the opposite sex.

It’s powerful, and he knows it (and clearly enjoys it).

It’s very different from it’s rival form of attraction: Dominance.

Dominance: The Rival Of Seduction

The near opposite of Justin Trudeau, by a twist of fate, is his neighbor to the south, Donald Trump. People may “not see it” now because Trump’s an old man, but even a decade ago his sex appeal was legendary. Two decades ago, his playboy exploits were on the cover of New York magazines.

Look at that smirk.

To be sure, Trump employs varying degrees of seduction when talking to women, so this is not a clear cut comparison. But seduction is only an auxiliary weapon of attraction for Trump; he leads through his clear-cut dominance and masculinity. His looks are if anything a disadvantage; in his prime he was only ever of average physical attractiveness. But his frame is so strong, he not only dominates those in his presence, those in his industry, those in wall street — but as of this year — the entire world.

(A better example of a pure dominance, zero seduction personality is someone like Victor Pride — or to keep the examples political — Rodrigo Duterte. Pure dominance is actually common in the upper echelons of business, but since few regular people see this world, it’s mostly associated only with third world dictators, hence why so many “feel” Trump is “a fascist” despite zero evidence supporting it. More on this phenomenon in a bit.)

To put this in the concept of frames, Trump and Trudeau control the frame in totally different ways. While Trudeau makes those around him unconsciously and voluntarily give him the frame (as they are enamored with him), Trump on a direct and primal level asserts and assumes control. He doesn’t disarm egos to own them, he forces them to bend to his will through fear and awe. His authority is overt, not covert.

While Dominance communicates both consciously and subconsciously, “I am powerful, I am attractive, I am in control, you should follow and trust me,” Seduction communicates the opposite. It says “YOU are powerful, you are attractive; I may be desirable but I will fulfill all your wishes; I will do anything for you. You should follow and trust me.”

To put it simply, one pushes; the other pulls.


Because women require a man to control the frame in order to be attracted to them, in theory either dominance or seduction will work to get a woman.

But of course, it’s a bit more complicated than that. Which one to use, Dominance vs Seduction, depends entirely on the situation.

Not to mention the times.

Dominance vs Seduction, and Modern Women

Biology is biology; you cannot eliminate the fact that on a sexual level women want a man to lead them. But conditioning is also deep seated and presents issues. If women on a biological level want a strong, powerful man who controls the frame — but they have psychological issues with being led — you have cognitive dissonance and some serious problems when it comes to attraction.

Pure dominance is a difficult way of dealing with this. The fact of the matter is, if a woman has been conditioned to see submission as weakness (and an affront against her ego) then dominance will attract her, but will also lead to a lot of drama in the process.

These women will like you, want you, even sleep with you… but then they will resist you, fight you, and complain about you. They will be attracted to the man with authority, but they will resent him for it and hate that they like him; hate which they will project outwards.

It’s not a recipe for a good, easy relationship.

Which is why, as society has moved farther away from biological reality and more towards fanciful entitlement, seduction has become an increasingly an important tool.

People “consciously” feel like they deserve everything (even though subconsciously they know they are wanting, hence victim culture and rampant mental illness). But reality disagrees, and it frustrates them to no end.

The dilemma for the modern person is to either accept that they are not as deserving as they tell themselves and to undergo an ego-death (wherein real deservedness can emerge), or to double down on their delusion and demand people prop up their fragile frame instead.

(Read: The Women You Deserve)

Which do you think most people choose?

There’s a reason why seduction and game blew up in the early 2000s, just as men became less dominant and women became more sexually confused.

Seduction promised unmasculine men a route to sex and validation that bypassed all the drama and increasing difficulty of attracting women head-on.


Understand, as women became more entitled, the “direct” dominance requirements they had became greater and greater… even as men were becoming less dominant as a whole.

A vicious cycle, if you will.

Seduction was the way around it.

This is why so many Pick Up Artists were both good at getting women yet were total basket-cases of men who had all sorts of emotional problems. They were selling an illusion — not only to women, but themselves.

People tie the Red Pill’s focus on masculinity to the PUA’s emphasis on game; the former simply being an offshoot of the latter. But their philosophies towards attraction are in fact completely different.

PUAs are happy to pick the low hanging fruit of modern romance and promise fantasies to women; they know it will get them laid in the short term. Because seduction is their game, structural socio-cultural issues don’t matter to them; indeed, reform might even counterproductive.

Red pill guys, not so much — or at least — they find the whole process of “playing the game” on a certain level disgusting or absurd.


So we’ve established the conceptual differences between dominance and seduction. But which should be applied, and when? And most importantly, how can we build them in ourselves?

We’ll go into all of that in Part Two. Stay tuned.


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