You know, it’s strange.

My name is Patrick.

I’m at least a third Irish, according to my DNA

(And I certainly look it)

But St. Patrick’s Day?

Wasn’t too big of a fan.

Especially, oddly enough, when it came to dating.

Despite ALL of the things ostensibly stacked in my favor, St. Patrick’s Day never seemed to pan out.

And, it took me YEARS to realize why.Can you guess what it was?


I put *a lot* of pressure on myself for something to “happen.” After all, cute, drunk girls looking to party — what excuse did I have to not at least get some solid numbers?

It was a big mistake. It pretty much ensured I spent every St. Patricks Day getting a little too inebriated, washing away my frustrations — and not making too positive an impression on the ladies.


If you ever wondered why you “got the girl” when you weren’t even trying, this is why. You weren’t in your head or trying to force it.

So, today make sure your “expectations” are sabotaging you. Don’t come across as overly aggressive and needy.

Just have fun instead. And talk to women because they’re around, you’re all partying, and why not.

(hint, this works on *any* day, not just today)

– Pat

BTW – My book, Tackling Texting is coming out on Monday. If you’ve ever struggled on the whole process of what to say to a girl once you’ve gotten her number… well, for the price of a happy hour beer let’s just say you won’t struggle ever again.

It’s not about canned lines, it’s reprogramming your brain how to think.

Make sure you get onboard 😉

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