Last night I was out with my buddy from Scotland for St. Patrick’s Day.

Mostly, we were just catching up. We don’t see each other too often and aren’t looking to score any women (after all, we’re both taken)

But it appears charm springs eternal whether you like it or not.

Oddly enough, in this case, with another guy at the bar.

You see, I have a rare ability to get people to open up about very deep, personal topics. (It’s what makes me a good coach)

Only problem is, this guy’s personal malaise was the fact that he was bisexual… and wanted to hook up with another man.

And that man turned out to be me.

A crazy situation, I assure you, as he was drunk and getting desperate while his friends and *girlfriend* were naught but feet away, clueless as to what was really going on.

I had to go cold on him once it became clear he was serious about “pegging” me in downstairs bathroom.

Anyway, point is – charm can be a dangerous thing.

Women — and sometimes men — will risk public humiliation just for a taste.

How to create this power?

Well one, check out the articles I wrote on Seduction this past week:

Dominance vs Seduction Part One

Dominance vs Seduction Part Two

But two, get my texting book, Tackling Texting, when it comes out on Monday… so you learn how to do it over text.

Indeed, seduction over text is not only especially important, but *potent* – because she knows even less about you.

(mystery creates a lot of leverage)

It’s only $4.99.So, no excuses.

Enjoy your weekend.

– Pat

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