As many of you know, there’s a concept sweeping the nation right now.

College kids, terrified by having their precious little views violated, have taken to demanding a “safe space” on campus.

In other words, a room where no one who disagrees with them (or who represents someone disagreeable to them) can enter. To make it “extra safe,” it’s equipped with stuffed animals, legos, and other daycare-esq objects to play with.

Many people are appalled by this phenomenon.

But, personally, I’m starting to come around.

Why shouldn’t losers scared of the world have a safe space to go? Why shouldn’t they be protected from challenging things?

These people will never succeed at anything in life; better to isolate them from everybody else.

The less competition, the better.

You see, for me, it’s all gravy if these people want to complain. Cause I market to a unique and distinguished niche:

Truth-seekers and Pain-embracers.

People who — even if it does scare them — are eager to challenge their preconceptions… and most importantly… themselves.

I have no interest in “safe space” whiners, which is why I’m happy to let them reveal themselves, so I may more easily separate the wheat from the chaff.



(run to your safe space if you hate it)

But I tell it like it is.

Speaking of which.

In just a few days, T-Monday, my long awaited texting book, Tackling Texting is coming out.

(this is not a drill, it’s in the Amazon database, pre-release reviews are pouring in)

Unlike this email, the book is pretty tame. Should not offend anyone but the most triggerable individuals with delicate sensitivities.

Yet still… it’s chock full of information.

And, in rare form for me, it’s 90% practical not theoretical, and easy to read.

As one previewer puts it:

“This book reinforced the things I was doing write and really opened my eyes to the subtle things I was doing wrong. I highly recommend purchasing this product. Pat makes it easy to read, implement and tweak to your own personality!”


Anyway, get your wallet’s prepped. Call your financial advisor.Cause it’s 90 pages of *time tested* wisdom will be… wait for it…A whopping $4.99.

No excuses on this one folks. If you can’t spare the morning latte one day to buy this, you don’t deserve do well with women.Anyway.Soon enough.

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– Pat

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