As a dating coach, I am loathe to tell guys not to go out and meet girls.

After all, most guys struggling with women are just LOOKING for rationalizations to stop themselves from putting themselves out there.

But truth be told, some guys actually need to be told a little something counterintuitive…Chill.

Stop practicing approaching women.Stop studying game blogs.Stop swiping on Tinder.


Get a hobby. Learn a skill. Work out.

Hang out with some friends, see your family, and make some more money.

Go on an adventure.

In other words, LIVE

Learning how to meet girls *is* important. Knowing how to create attraction *is* a requirement.

But if your life pretty much consists of you going out and meeting girls with your other friends who go out and meet girls, guess what?

You’re boring, dude.

Girls are going to smell it, and when they do… you better believe they’re going to leave.

(No matter how much game you know.)

Better to focus on improvement and make the girls just a *part* of that.

Not only is it more sustainable, but it’ll ironically enough make the girls you do approach EASIER to get.

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Girls know a guy who’s living a life of intrigue and meaning when they see one.

And they want in.

So balance out your “portfolio.” And remember women may be an important part of the journey, but they are JUST a part.

Live a balanced life. And get unbalanced rewards 😉

Is there any area of your life that you feel unbalanced right now? Shoot me an email and let me know, I’d love to see if I can help.

– Pat

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