Today, I had the privilege of witnessing a fight between two “manosphere” Twitter personalities.

One is fairly well established. In the 2nd tier elite of our corner, or something of the like.

The other is theoretically at least an up-and-comer.

Yet for no reason, the up-and-comer started throwing shade at this established guy everybody likes and respects.

It was funny, in a sense. Think of “The Charge of the Light Brigade” for a visual; a suicide run without purpose.

A lesson in hubris. All that happened was the dude looked petty and insecure, especially since he put the other guy’s personal information (given in confidence) out there.

And, it pretty much sealed the deal that he was an anxious loser who was not going to reform, and no one could trust.

(he had done attacks like this on other people in the past)

Anyway, why do I bring this all up?

Because he thought it was making him look better, not worse.

And it shows an important lesson about something most guys who want to improve with women (including, ironically, this “dating coach”) don’t think NEARLY enough about.


There’s a reason why an attacks, even if true, backfire. And the reason ALWAYS has to do with subtext.

The person saying it, WHY they’re saying it, the dynamic between the two people… all of these things say more about what’s going on than the words themselves.

It’s an essential thing to understand in dating, cause if you do, you will be MILES ahead of the girls you’re pursuing and the competition.

And if you don’t?

Well, you’ll look pretty stupid, and wonder why all the “info” you learned isn’t getting you anywhere.

Fortunately, for you, if there is one thing that sets me aside from other “gurus”, its my understanding of this subcommunication.

It’s second nature to me.

It’s why it’s easy for me to break apart a man’s limiting beliefs in coaching.

(I can see the “subtext” of the things a man says to himself)

And it’s why I can understand exactly what’s going on in a given situation with a girl… and how (if possible) to turn it to a guy’s favor.

Particularly in texting.

Which, at an advanced level, is ALL about subcommunicating with words.

Uniquely among texting manuals, my book goes into this in detail.

It’s not about “using X technique,” it’s about WHY X technique would work. So your can recreate it yourself.

Deep psychological shit.

Get it now. You won’t ever be at a loss for what to text a girl again:

– Pat

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