December 2018

The #1 Secret To Frame Control

Gonna make today’s email short and sweet… because it’s not anything we need to make too complicated. Guys talk a lot about how to hold frame in relationships, and they’ll mention all sorts of ‘tactical’ hacks. Agree and amplify. Dread game. Cocky funny. You’ve heard a lot of tricks and concepts, I’m sure. But really, […]

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Where To Meet New Women

Ah yes, the original question. Where do you meet women? There are a couple ways I could answer this. The first, of course, would be to say… everywhere. On the street, at the cafe, at the bar, at your local group… But I know that’s a cop-out answer. You’re looking for a specific place(s), a land

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Talking To A Sugar Baby

So as you should know if you got last email, on Friday I was out with the illustrious Hutt. And boy were adventures to be had.We started off at cheap, local Italian BYOB and headed to one of the more famous establishments in Philly (for those who know, at least): Bob and Barbara’s. I could

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A Tale of Two Phillies

As some of you stalkers undoubtably heard, I was out last Thursday with good friend Hutt, painting the town (Philadelphia) red. (More on our escapades coming later in your inbox tomorrow) Though I don’t live there anymore, Philly’s my old stomping ground — I’m from the area, went to college in the city, and after

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