Gonna make today’s email short and sweet… because it’s not anything we need to make too complicated.

Guys talk a lot about how to hold frame in relationships, and they’ll mention all sorts of ‘tactical’ hacks.

Agree and amplify. Dread game. Cocky funny.

You’ve heard a lot of tricks and concepts, I’m sure.

But really, there’s only one thing that guarantees:

– regular, fantastic sex
– respect and trust
– less arguing and more loving

And proves whether or not the woman you’re dealing with is a keeper, or one with some serious problems.

What is it?

Lead yourself.

Love yourself.

And act as if you’re someone who deserves to be given all the things I mentioned above.

Cause here’s the thing:

A lot of guys want women to do all these things for them. To be the perfect wives or girlfriends.

But unless you’re showing up both inside AND out, you’re not going to feel like you deserve it.

And so you will not get it.

Too many men demand things of women because they feel empty. They need validation from her.

But this just doesn’t work.

The only way you get what you want from women is by not needing it from her… and yet knowing you have earned the right to have it.

Women reward this mindset naturally.

Any yet… how are you supposed to get it?

Lot of hard work. Lot of time.

And honesty… there’s no way around this.

Spiritual growth is painful, and is never overnight.

But coaching speeds this along.

And even ensures you avoid dead ends… dead ends that could take you years to come out of… if ever.

So if you’re serious about changing your relationship with women — but most importantly yourself — go here: www.patstedman.com/application

It ain’t cheap — nothing good ever is —  but there’s nothing more expensive than your best years.

– Pat