Ah yes, the original question.

Where do you meet women?

There are a couple ways I could answer this.

The first, of course, would be to say… everywhere.

On the street, at the cafe, at the bar, at your local group…

But I know that’s a cop-out answer.

You’re looking for a specific place(s), a land of milk and honey, where women are abundant and just waiting to be approached…

Well, the truth is these places DO (kinda) exist.

And I’m gonna give you the secret formula I’ve used for myself, and my clients to find them.

(just cause I love you guys)

There are two variables involved with this.

The first is obvious.

Variable #1: Where are there likely to be a disproportionate amount of women?

We’re not talking about 100% (that might even be a negative, if we’re being honest) – but 60-80% is the sweet zone. This means men are welcome in the scene, but are a rare commodity.

Some great examples of these places: animal shelters, activism (seriously, feminist men have their niche and some profit quite heavily), dancing, yoga, art… these all tend to pull women.

But certain professions as well.

I like smart women, but also women who don’t tend to be smart in the same way as me. So when I was younger I had a big thing for women who were in science / medicine.

So where did I tend to go to meet and attract women?

Well, I befriended some people in medical / nursing school, and went as their friend to university events.

Both of these, but nursing in particular was a gold mine of attractive, intelligent, and feminine women.I had a lot of fun and dated quite a few through this targeting.

Which brings us to the next variable…

Variable #2: What are you interested in / would like to experience?

If you hate yoga, suck at dancing, and don’t like nerdy science girls… then don’t follow the above advice.


Because you’ll come across as fake and dissonant when you enter the scene, or just not fit in.

Dancing, for instance, is something I tried… but I’m pretty bad at. I didn’t have zero success in the scene, but I underperformed.

(Yes, there is a learning curve to things… this isn’t a problem, always think long term… I am referring to a lack of natural talent / interest)

Look, it’s ok to be in the scene because there are women there.

But if women are the ONLY reason you’re there, you will come across the wrong way in the environment and very quickly get blocked out of it.

So make sure you’ve got some “plausible deniability.”

(You can joke about going there for the girls if your game is tight, but even with this you want it to be only “partially” true… if you can’t keep up or contribute to the activities, your preselection in the environment will go down…)


Anyway, these are the two criteria.

If you follow them and you do some brainstorming, you can find any place to meet women.

The only catch?

You need to have any idea of what you’re interested in. And then have the tools, after you meet the women, to approach them… without compromising your standing in the environment.

(Guys who hit on women poorly in a group, tend to get ostracized by the group)

Which is where yours truly can help.

I will get you clarity on the places to target women that are best for you.

I will also show you how to approach said women, naturally and casually (there are no complicated routines).

And I will give you the “birds eye view” so you can make sure everything you’re doing in the scene is supporting your “strategic goals” (like being the go-to guy and social leader in the group).

Can you do it yourself? Sure.

But it’ll take a lot longer… assuming you’re even in the right place to begin with.

One of the big benefits of working with me, is I’ll prevent you from making any critical mistakes.

It’ll ensure you not only do well with the women you approach, but that you won’t have to worry about approaching in the future… because your value in the group will be so high.

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– Pat