Years back when I was a young warthog and the Pick Up world was in its post-“The Game” affiliate marketing heyday, I used to buy all sorts of products being parroted to me.

Some, as you might imagine, were wastes of money.

Others, life changing.

But a handful skirted into this no-mans-land territory of usefulness.

They addressed topics I hadn’t seen before, and were very interesting… even if a bit strange to actually use.

One such product was a “Sex Hypnosis Audio” from David Shade.

I don’t know if David Shade is still around. And as I stated above, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend his products.

But I’ll tell you a bit about him, from what I can recall.

Usual marketing story.

Broke divorced guy’s life sucks. Can’t date very well, etc.

So to make extra money (think this was in the 90s), David starts working from a “phone sex hotline.”

And starts learning that by talking like Scott Adams he can start making women “let go” so to speak over the phone.

After doing this for awhile, he gets some confidence… and then starts dating — mostly middle aged divorcees from the sounds of it — and doing the same things with girls in person.

Not touching them. But taking them through a “hypnotic experience” where in the end they orgasm.

Now, I’ve done a bit of work in hypnosis and NLP (I’m actually certified in the latter)… and I know there are some special tricks to this.

But most of why this stuff works is pretty simple.

And it’s also why El Davido tends to get off mostly strangers… and date the demographics of women that he does (and by all accounts, for no more than a couple of months).

It’s because everything David Shade does is fantasy.

He’s a random guy with a strong frame. And he goes after women who have not had anything real that excited them in years (why else be on a phone sex hotline).

You see, female sexuality operates on fantasy.

Male does too, to a large extent.But the bar for men is much lower. If she’s attractive and doesn’t “starfish” (lay flat doing nothing), sex is satisfying for most men.

Women, not so much.

And it’s a primary reason so many marriages have dead-bedroom.

Once a woman knows what to expect, an element of passion disappears.

So she daydreams about romantic fantasies (see the erotica novel industry, 50 Shades etc) and random guys who know how to lead a woman down a good story.

Cause really, that’s all David Shade was doing.

He was very, very good at taking women through a verbal fantasy. Basically being the audible narrator for some smut novella, who occasionally helps out by using his hands.

But David Shade himself?

She couldn’t care less about him.

He simply is a tool, and represents something.

She might crave the fantasy of David Shade, but couldn’t give two shits about David Shade himself.

Which is why the women who stayed with him the longest operated on the most transactional of dynamics.

“Don’t tell me anything about you David, just do your thing, tell me a story.”

A glorified sex robot.Something I experienced when I was dating, and I’m sure many of you guys who have pretty good game have experienced too.

The girl thinks she loves you but she’s really in love with her fantasy.

Unfortunately, many guys fall for this honeymoon stage mirage.

Including many “players” who think just cause a girl came a bunch of times during their one night stand that he’s a casanova.

But the truth is less sexy:

Most girls who take you for a “ride” are taking you for a ride.

You are being used by them.

Maybe you help her fantasy by playing the role she wishes, or provide her with a new one she can get off with.

But it’s less you doing the work than her.

Now, all of this is fine, and I don’t say it to begrude ya.

Just pointing out that most of what gets a girl off in these situations is her imagination.

And the women who are most prone to fall into this imagination-state (personality type aside), are women who are living boring lives with boring men.

Which is why if you’re a guy in a relationship and find the sex to be not so compelling…

You should consider working with me.

Every man must channel his inner artist/adventurer if he wants to keep his woman desire for him. But every man knows how to find it.

I do.

I’ll fix your mindset with your woman, so you’ve got a masculine frame in the bedroom.

And then I’ll show you how to make your relationship a fantasy, so sleeping with you is regularly on her mind… no matter how long you’ve been together.

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– Pat