Why Effeminate Men Steal Your Girl

Probably one of the biggest refrains in the manosphere is that women are attracted to masculinity, and are looking for masculine guys. Obviously, this is true. But what is also true, yet verboten to discuss, is that women can also be attracted to effeminate guys. Indeed, they are often seduced by them. The struggling artist. […]

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How A Woman Opens Up A Man

Put out this viral tweet about a month ago, and the amazing Dean Abbott asked me to elaborate: No surprise, it appears everyone in the manosphere understands that men give structure to women. Women are chaotic — women are nature. Men are order, they provide them with the required guidance to help them grow. Like civilization, they build

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Are There Healthy Fantasies?

Received a question the other day re: one of my tweets: A lot of the nitty-gritty of this confusion comes down to definitions. So let’s attack this term “fantasy.” What does it really mean? I do not think it is useful to associate it with masculine and feminine ideals. Ideals are behaviors to strive for.

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Why A Woman Won’t Follow You

It’s been much commented on that women today don’t know how to follow or surrender to men. Generally, there are two opinions on why this is. First is that women today have been programmed to be feminazis and associate such things with weakness instead of being naturally in tune with their femininity. Second is that

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Feminist Allies?

So, as you know from being on this list, I try to take a kind but hyper-realistic view of male and female nature. Something which is increasingly at odds with the idealistic mainstream. Often, it can seem pretty isolating… just a few guys against the world. But you might be surprised to learn, even in

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Can Women Change?

“Hi Pat. I hope you’re well.  I was just reading the Mary Magdalen section in “The Way Forward” that reminded me of a question I asked Mr. Tomassi. I’d very much enjoy your answer to the same question. “Hi Rollo. I’ve been meaning to ask you about something that’s bothered me a bit about some

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