I almost didn’t write this email, since unlike most of my emails (which provide direct, practical advice) this one is going to seem impractical to many of you.

(Who knows, it might just even piss you off.)

But it’s a truly important that you guys hear it. Because the impact of it is substantial and extremely under-discussed in our modern world… and you can only change things you’re aware of.

I am talking about the role of a women working in a relationship.

Now, PLEASE chill out before you jump to conclusions here. I know shit jobs with long hours affect both men and women.

But the impact on women is far greater than that on men when it comes to romance, because even when a job SUCKS… men get satisfaction out of providing for a family. On a deep, biological level… men are psychologically built to bear these survival burdens.

Women are not.

And I don’t need any studies to tell you this. I can tell you straight up, living in big-ol NYC… most women absolutely hate their jobs.

Even when these jobs are cool, sexy, “inspirational”…

They can say what they want, but 90% are worn down and depend upon indulging in escapes just to get by.

It’s why they spend enormous amounts of money on events and trips, and fantasize about the new guy who’s entered the picture.

The world of work they were promised and aspired towards mostly has just disappointed them.

But I know none of this is PC to say.And, I’m certain a substantial number of these women would disagree.

That’s cool.As I said before, I’m not claiming they’re not good at their jobs.

I just look at them and see they’d be happy to give up the grind, if they could be with a guy who would provide for them… give them the freedom to have a family, take a job with less hours or burdens they love, volunteer…

And that the man would be happy too.

Because here’s the thing gents.

Stressed women are incapable of being feminine.

They aren’t in the mood for sex or intimacy — they are exhausted.

Work does this to them, and when you add kids on top of work the house of cards collapses.

Someone said once to me: you have your marriage, your kids, or your career. Pick 2.

I think this is unfortunately true for most people, out of necessity. But a father picking his career and his marriage, and a mother picking her kids and her marriage can lead to a good life. Kids understand if dad can’t be there 24/7 like mom. And a father can make up for this with quality time, even if the duration is less. Meanwhile the home life is loving and stable.

But if both mother and father both pick career, then the relationship will fall apart.

Because with few exceptions… the mother ALWAYS picks her kids next.

Which leads to a “room mates” type scenario for husband and wife… or worse.

(This scary scenario is indeed what most red pill guys shit their pants about every day)

Anyway, I know this is a touchy subject.

I also know many of you for practical reasons might NEED your woman to work. Since that’s the way of this modern clown society we live in (which more or less treats us like consumer drones and spits on families — you need two incomes to do what took one 35 years ago).

But it’s important for you as a man to understand that whatever the narrative says… very few women take real satisfaction out of their full-time jobs… and among those who do, these STILL dampen or eliminate their energy and femininity for you.

Which means when you come back from work tired, or even in a good mood looking for some quality time…

You’re not going to be a priority. Her self-care will be, and if kids are in their picture, theirs.

She may hate this as much as you do… but this is how it will go down.

So what can a man such as yourself do?

Get your shit together. And once you’ve done that, be ambitious with your skills.

Make money so you have the freedom to do what you want, and give your woman the freedom to do the same.

Take the stress out of your lives and your passion will remain evergreen.

Assuming, of course, you understand all the other important things that turn women on.

The deeper parts of a woman that keeps her emotionally bonded to you for life (even if she does have to deal with working)…Y

ou do know these things don’t you?

If you don’t… well… you could be worth 100 million and the *best* you could hope for is a woman who will pretend to like you to take a cut.

If you’re going to have a lifelong romance, you need to understand how to navigate women’s moods. Know intuitively a woman’s “sexual triggers” (to keep her turned on for you).

And you need to be confident and grounded in your value as man.

If you struggle with any of these… use some of that money and apply to work with me here:


It’s an investment that never stops appreciating in value…

– Pat