The Two Philosophies Of Attraction (Dominance vs Seduction: Part 1)

It’s been awhile, but when I got involved in the dating community its philosophy towards attracting women was pretty straightforward, if overcomplicated. All the routines, strategies to clandestinely create good impressions, and mystery-creation all revolved around one philosophy: turning the tables on women. If you could make a gorgeous girl other guys were drooling over drop everything to pursue you, you […]

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In Defense of the Safe Space

As many of you know, there’s a concept sweeping the nation right now. College kids, terrified by having their precious little views violated, have taken to demanding a “safe space” on campus. In other words, a room where no one who disagrees with them (or who represents someone disagreeable to them) can enter. To make

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Stop Trying To Meet Women

As a dating coach, I am loathe to tell guys not to go out and meet girls. After all, most guys struggling with women are just LOOKING for rationalizations to stop themselves from putting themselves out there. But truth be told, some guys actually need to be told a little something counterintuitive…Chill. Stop practicing approaching women.Stop

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Your Wife Is Not Your Friend

A few things heard commonly in relationships (or at wedding ceremonies) are variations of the following: “I’m just so grateful to be with my best friend” “You’re my best friend, I love you” “I love that I’m marrying my best friend” Now, don’t get me wrong — I’m not trying to be a dick to

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The Route To Low Confidence

Recently yours truly had an article of his rejected by an esteemed magazine. Now, no need to get our your torches and pitchforks out in my defense. They’re good people, and I’m OK. In fact — I was expecting it to happen — even though the content was great. You see, even though *I* like

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How To Create What You Hate

HOW TO CREATE WHAT YOU HATE One of the crazy things about humans is their ability to project. Aka, taking their own flaws, pathologies, etc. and accusing other people of doing them. We’ve been seeing a bunch of that taking place recently. (“Kill the ‘fascists,’ they are inciting violence!”) But truly, it’s as common in

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The Truth About Anxiety

Ever wanted to talk to a girl or take things to the next level but “couldn’t” because you felt too anxious? I know it’s happened to me too many times to count. Anxiety is endemic in our society, and in the romantic realm it’s pretty much a given. The more you like someone, the more

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