Why Relationships *Really* Work

Almost every guy out there has at one point found himself enamored with a woman. So as one of those men, I’m sure you’ve said something like this before (or at least heard it from other guys): “She’s different than other girls” “She cares about me in ways no other woman does” “We really get […]

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The Power All “Players” Have

You know one thing pretty much all guys who struggle with women have in common? A lack of total social awareness. Don’t get me wrong, these guys are not (necessarily) *clueless* about what’s going on around them. In fact, they might even be no worse than your average joe-schmo. But coupled with other issues, the little

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The Women You Deserve

THE WOMEN YOU DESERVE Much angst is made in male circles these days about the “modern woman.” You’ve heard about her. Entitled. Out of shape. Negative. Often psychologically unstable. For most guys, not their dream partner. So endemic and unpalatable is this “modern woman” that a new fantasy among men has arisen: the foreign girl.

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In Defense of Attacks

I talk a lot about the importance of strategy over tactics. As in, not focusing on short-term actions that undermine the broader goal. Some examples? – Trying to get a girl when the very act of pursuit undermines your frame– Gaming a girl who is not a good fit for your broader relationship goals– Orienting

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