You know one thing pretty much all guys who struggle with women have in common?

A lack of total social awareness.

Don’t get me wrong, these guys are not (necessarily) *clueless* about what’s going on around them.

In fact, they might even be no worse than your average joe-schmo.

But coupled with other issues, the little things they miss in social interactions add up and hold them back romantically.

(One of the big things I work on with my clients is filling in those gaps. 
Go here if you want to get that handled.)

It’s amazing how once a guy understands all this stuff — power dynamics, subcommunication, girl game, etc. — everything starts to shift for him.

Not only does he finally “get” why girls do the craaazy things they do, but he builds a bit of boldness off of that knowledge.Competence -> Confidence.

The downside?

(Or should I say… the “dark side”)

Suddenly it becomes very easy for him to start manipulating situations in his favor.

When he knows what’s running through a girl’s head (perhaps better than she does), he knows how to anticipate her needs.

To respond “perfectly” to her emotions — and turn them into attraction.

(Assuming he can keep control of his own)

For the ethically inclined, this is a big (social) problem. It’s one thing to “play the game” — attraction requires some degree of uncertainty.

But to mess with someone’s head just because you can? Even if you’re not really interested?

We’ve got to remember gentlemen: what goes around comes around.

And with great power comes great responsibility.

One reason I have absolutely *zero* issues with my many exes is that I always leveled with them and tried to keep their best interests at heart.

Did I always succeed?


But, the intention was always clear.

As a man who gets how to build attraction, you must do the same.

Men and women have unprecedented issues with each other today. Are you going to try to make things better, or fan the flames?

Every girl you toy with like a cat to a mouse is a girl who starts to think of men as the enemy. It’s a mess you’re only leaving the next guy to clean up (if he even can).

So don’t make a girl you don’t really care about invest in you. Be a decent person. When you attract, temper expectations.

She might be frustrated at first, but when the fireworks fade she’ll thank you for it.

– Pat

PS I talk all about how to do all of this in my texting book, which is *finally* coming out next Monday. T-7 days. Get excited. Oh, and those of you who jump on early… I’ve got something good for you 

PPS Even if you’re a good guy, not all girls will be good to you. Girl game is powerful — learn to recognize it if you want to survive.

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