The Cougar Ascendancy

Everyone who’s at least somewhat awake to gender dynamics understands, when it comes to preselection, women desire men who are high status and good-looking. Bad looks, you need status. Low status, you need looks. (though note: status is relative to the environment, so don’t think you need to be an international celebrity to have high […]

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Why You Need Ambition

WHY YOU NEED AMBITION There is one thing all men that have “top tier” women have in common. It’s not looks. It’s not wealth. It’s not even talent. You guessed it… It’s ambition. Women are by their fundamental nature drawn to men who seek to rise above other men. This is an uncomfortable truth that

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How To Get Rid Of Bad Habits

Like many other men, I have struggled with destructive habits. I have consumed on a regular basis excessive alcohol, disgusting pornography, mind-numbing television, and emotionally-triggering (and unenlightening) news. I have pursued immature, dramatic women, surrounded myself with negative, stagnant friends, and avoided any sort of movement that made me sweat. And I have suffered as a

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How To Get A Girl’s Number

HOW TO GET A GIRL’S NUMBER Ahh, phone numbers. One of the most talked about things in the world of dating and relationships. Getting a girl’s number – or in Pick Up parlance, “number closing” – is such an important stage that many men view it as a milestone as significant as kissing or sleeping with

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