Breakfast Club Romance

So to continue with these 80s movies themes, last week I also saw the Breakfast Club. Which turned out to be a very, very interesting exploration of sexual psychology. Let’s talk first about the biggest character in the film, Bender. Bender is a grungy, edgy guy who dresses like a rockstar, does drugs, disrespects authority,

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The Bad Kind of Authenticity

Yesterday we talked about authenticity, and how many are just play-acting the trait. But even genuine authenticity isn’t the be-all-end all in attraction. Indeed… if it’s not packaged correctly, it can even be a liability. The reason? Authentic people act boring. Now, are they ACTUALLY boring? I don’t know. A lot of people seem boring,

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The Battle of the Personas

Yesterday we mentioned how both Biological and Psychological attraction have a Persona element to them. I’m going to explain why this makes sense… and why it matters. To take a step back: You can look at Status/Wealth/Looks (Preselection, Biological) and Type/Values/Growth (Personality, Psychological) as being relatively concrete things. Persona, on the other hand, is more

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Pussy King

I just finished “Vikings” series. (Or at least, what’s out so far) ***I won’t try to give too many spoilers… but if you’re not yet through season 4, you might want to close the email now.*** There’s a character in the show called Harald. When you first meet Harald, he’s an ambitious Earl, on his

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Deep Game

Personality work is polarizing in the dating community. Some people swear by it. Some write it off entirely. A major reason for this divide comes down to fear. For instance: Many people think personality is the be-all-end-all in romance because they are worried about coming across as sexist, and think personality conveniently writes-off gender. “People

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When *Not* To Use Dread

Dread Game, especially dread game focused on Persona, might be the most controversial piece of advice in TRP canon. For the uninitiated, Dread Game is effectively raising your “sexual market value” and then putting yourself on the market, or at least giving the impression of that possibility to the woman in your life. It’s basically

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