The Promiscuous Priest

Yesterday we talked about sex and enlightenment. Today we’re going to talk about it too. As you know, I think most psychological growth comes from deep, intimate relationships. The reason for that is simple. People you spend time with hold a mirror up to you. And the closer you get to someone, the more they …

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Banging Your Way To Nirvana

It seems more and more that the divide in “the sphere” is between cad and trad — those who want to sleep with a lot of girls, and those that want to settle down. Most consider me on the side of the latter. Which makes sense. I’ve taken more than a couple jabs at the “gather-notches” …

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The Alcohol Controversy

It’s no shock to people that I enjoy my drink. Alcohol is fun, though truth be told its the culture around it I love. (Why 95%+ of what I drink is wine, unless I am in Poland or Mexico, when it’s vodka or tequila shots respectively) And so, I’ve had my share of “hangovers” and …

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Bronze Age Mindset

I wondered about sending this email out — after all, any association with Bronze Age Pervert (BAP) — the “fascist, steppe barbarian, nudist bodybuilding” leader of Frogtwitter — has tons of risk and very little reward. But I’m a curious guy, and we explore all sorts of ideas here. Also: I do not give a …

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Birthday Surprise

Today is an exciting day for me. My 30th birthday is in just a few days, and my wife has been planning some monumental surprise for me starting in the next 10 minutes. I didn’t really plan on doing anything, since I thought I would be in France for it a couple of months ago …

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The Predator Within

A couple of you have been asking me what I think about the #MeToo movement and the sexual harassment allegations flying around. I know it’s a hot topic, and I probably should have said more on it earlier — content 101 is discuss what’s relevant. Yet for the most part, I’ve avoided giving comment. The …

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Is Seduction Masculine?

About a year ago I wrote a two-part article on the difference between Dominance and Seduction. (Read: Part 1 & Part 2) It’s a topic that fascinates me to this day. The main question that still remains for me is how it plays into game. Let me take you down my line of inquiry… I consider both Dominance …

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Can You Be Emotional and Masculine?

Hey hey, I’m back. Thanks for waiting around. The last 6-7 weeks have been good for me. A lot of changes inside and out, and I’m finally ready to get back in the writing game. Today I want to talk about the interplay between Personality and Persona. As you know, Personality is your psychological type, psychological health, …

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Review of Pat Stedman by DatingAdvice.Com

Looks like we’re moving into the big leagues! In December this site got reviewed by Hayley Matthews, Editor-In-Chief at The article was a great look at how I got to where I am today and some of my philosophy of “what’s important” when it comes to helping men. Take a look: