As most of you know, I’m currently in France.

So it should be no surprise I’ve taken time to visit some wine producers.

It’s fascinating to see how these guys work.

There are certain “universals,” obviously, to how they make wine — but they styles are so distinct.

One guy has a real cult following in the US — super natural wines (as in zero sulfur, more traditional rather than modern, scientific winemaking) but extraordinarily complex.

This guy looked exactly like you’d imagine. A short, friendly wizard — coming out of his cave, sharing what he’s been brewing in his cauldron.

A few bits of equipment aside, it could have been a winery in the 1600s.

Another one, also an organic producer, was different. His wines are very polished, precise.

Sure enough… you go to his winery and everything is completely organized, minimalist, and immaculate.

Both of their wines tasted just like the way they made them, which further reflected how they lived their lives.

It was fascinating.

Which made me think about you.

And how much the little things you do subcommunicate the bigger things about you.

There’s always a clue being left this place or that.

It begs the question… how can you avoid subcommunicating bad things?


You can’t.

(Entirely, at least. No one’s perfect)

But you can get rid of the worst traits and beliefs, the “red flags” that scare the high quality girls away, by going deep.

Finding them.

Addressing them.

And overcoming them.

Fortunately, YOU have a great resource to help with this: yours truly.

I can’t promise I’ll fix your issues overnight.

Just in a fraction of the time it would take on your own.

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– Pat