The Women You Deserve

THE WOMEN YOU DESERVE Much angst is made in male circles these days about the “modern woman.” You’ve heard about her. Entitled. Out of shape. Negative. Often psychologically unstable. For most guys, not their dream partner. So endemic and unpalatable is this “modern woman” that a new fantasy among men has arisen: the foreign girl. […]

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The Good Side Of Shame

THE GOOD SIDE OF SHAME It had been 67 days exactly. Probably not the longest of my life, but the longest I could remember. And I was proud. I had been going strong. Temptation – when it reared it’s ugly head (a rare thing as of late) – was beaten back with an iron will.

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Should Men Cry?

SHOULD MEN CRY? Unlike many in the modern age, I am not one that thinks men are better off now that emoting has become encouraged. A man’s self-respect and a man’s fortitude come from taking tough times under the chin, and ruling their emotions… not letting their emotions rule them. The lack of this stoicism

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The Real Obesity Epidemic

THE REAL OBESITY EPIDEMIC (WHY WE NEED HORMESIS) Contrary to popular belief, exercise damages your cells. When you exert yourself physically, your body creates large amounts of “free radicals,” exposing your cells to what scientists call oxidative stress. And oxidative stress is bad news, brother. It is responsible for all sorts of health conditions such as

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