Male Comfort Issues

Interesting exchange occurred the other day between the great Ben Foth and me over what a male comfort issue might look like: As you can see, I already gave my two cents. But I gave the response offhand, and it wasn’t adequate for the topic — so let’s consider it a bit more. Women want commitment on […]

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How To Catch A Cheater

I put out a poll this morning about a very delicate situation. I’ll give you some details in a bit… but the gist is, a friend’s wife cheating on him. (READ: How I Know You’re A Cheater) I am 100% certain of this. There isn’t any wiggle room for other options. But, it’s a very

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The Flipside of Infidelity

The following tale is a difficult one to tell. It delves into some very dark parts of the female psyche, particularly the psyche of a ubiquitous female type: the ISFJ. But tis very instructive, so let’s dive in. First, a little background. ISFJs are the behind-the-scenes “caretaker” women. They keep a nice, orderly home. Appreciate

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