The following tale is a difficult one to tell.

It delves into some very dark parts of the female psyche, particularly the psyche of a ubiquitous female type: the ISFJ.

But tis very instructive, so let’s dive in.

First, a little background.

ISFJs are the behind-the-scenes “caretaker” women.

They keep a nice, orderly home.

Appreciate their traditions.

And tend to have, naturally, phenomenal girl game.

They’re the girls that represent everything a guy theoretically wants.

Supportive. Pleasing.Submissive.

In a word, feminine.

But there’s a dark side to the ISFJ.

Because they are so other-oriented, they are rarely in good shape with themselves.

In other words: they don’t know what they want.

And so, when they place their tendrils into a man, and make him try to please HER, they can drive him crazy with their deep-seated dissatisfaction and indecisiveness.

This is the common trap a lot of guys fall into when they date an ISFJ.

They treat her well, and then she stops treating them well… dragging them into their own pit of despair.

But this aspect of the ISFJ leads to another implication, and outcome.

Because ISFJs are other-oriented, they are very easy to keep in tow — sadly — with abuse.

Understand, the lower-conscious ISFJ NEEDS to make sure the guy is invested.

If he’s not, they work harder.

(Note that many women are generalized like this, but much of this is really based on type.)

So you can treat an ISFJ badly, cheat on her, and many will stick around… even becoming more obsessed with their guy.

Enter said couple from Australia.

The guy cheated on his ISFJ girlfriend with another girl.

But apparently wasn’t content to just enjoy the experience one time. So he filmed it.

The girlfriend found out the, ehm, hard way when she stumbled across a text from the “other” girl asking to see the video… and stumbled across the video itself.

It’s some Black Mirror shyt, watching your partner f*ck another girl.

The kind of shyte you’d think would lead to an automatic breakup.

But interestingly for all observers (except yours truly), didn’t.

Surprise, surprise she not only took him back, but is filing papers to help him immigrate on a “partner visa.”

And appears more invested than ever.

Why do I tell you this?

Not to encourage you to do it.

I’m pretty certain he’s using her, and will cheat again once his visa goes through.

And while she seems ebullient on the surface, she drinks constantly… a clear sign something in the back of her head is filled with pain.

Pain that will eventually, if not already, bubble to the surface in their relationship.

(These chickens always come home to roost.)

Rather, I tell you so you can understand the female mind.

Both on a general and typological level.

You see, it’s all well and good to understand women as a collective.

(Hypergamy and all that)

But women are also different based on type.

(An ESFP woman would behave *very* differently in that scenario than an ISFJ)

Anyway, knowing these things can be very useful for your dating and relationship success.

They provide you with a more sophisticated analysis.

One that will help you determine both strategic compatibility and precise tactical approaches with a woman.

(Something few if any other people offer)

Go here if interested:

– Pat