cold approaching

Intuitive Vs Cold Approaching

Interesting thread from Nash about a dating guru the other day: Full disclosure: I’m not familiar with any of Zan’s work, though I have heard of him before. His book The Alabaster Girl was recommended to me years back by a very artistic PUA, but I never ended up picking up. What Nash says above about Zan is pretty […]

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In Defense Of My Grand Claims

I got into a cordial disagreement with Nash (@daysofgame) on Twitter the other day. Now, I don’t want anything here misconstrued. Nash is very smart, and moreover a good guy. I like him a lot. And, I don’t want to put him on blast. But I think it worthwhile for you readers to understand our

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The First Shall Be Last

If you guys are in my Dynamic Men group, you might have known I witnessed a (failed) daygame attempt today in Miami. (For the deets, and to get some basic daygame tips, join here: I poked fun at the guy a bit, because technique aside, he was dead in the water. You can’t dress below

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