Is Anger Bad?

Don’t need to tell you that if there is any emotion that is shamed and suppressed these days, it’s anger. Doesn’t matter whether it’s coming from mainstream propaganda, or your local new age spirituality group. Anger is an emotion of destruction. It’s entitled. And fundamentally, it’s dangerous. Men in particular who express anger are toxic, and a […]

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The Coming Sex Robot Revolution

Are you worried about getting a girlfriend? Are you afraid you might never get laid? Fear not my friends! Because soon the robot sex revolution will be here! You won’t even need a woman, because you’ll have a super hot “cyberchick” who will fulfill all your needs without any of the drama, complaints, or ‘resistance’ regular ladies

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Give Into Your Anger

Some of you might remember at the end of The Return of the Jedi, Emperor Palpatine gives Luke Skywalker a little “encouragement” on how to beat the crap out of his right hand man, Luke’s father. Even if you haven’t watched the films, you probably have heard the expression (or some derivation of it) before:

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