Some of you might remember at the end of The Return of the Jedi, Emperor Palpatine gives Luke Skywalker a little “encouragement” on how to beat the crap out of his right hand man, Luke’s father.

Even if you haven’t watched the films, you probably have heard the expression (or some derivation of it) before:

“I can feel your anger… it gives you focus… makes your stronger…”

It’s a poignant moment. Luke, who snuck onto the Death Star to stop the Dark Side, found himself going down the same path as his father… becoming exactly what he hated.

Most people agree, when Luke’s anger was a mistake.

He “shouldn’t” have gotten so enraged; he should have been calm like Buddha.



Nothing wrong with Buddha, but no reason to shit on anger.

Anger *can* give you focus, and, when channeled correctly *does* make you stronger.

In fact, considering most people are motivated by negative emotions more than positive ones, anger is one of the *most* useful “action-creating” feelings out there.

The truth is if you’re pissed, you’re either going to numb yourself.. or you’re going to do something about it.

It’s a fine way to get your proverbial ass into action.

Why make it into an issue?

People forget, Luke was defeating the Emperor when he was filled with passion… and only started losing once he took it easy and said “I won’t become you.”

(it took his “evil” father to save the day, although, for some reason this act of “anger” was framed as redemption. i digress)

Point is, don’t mute your anger.

Don’t necessarily encourage it, mind you.

But rather than shun it, channel it.

Anger is a bunch of pent up energy just waiting to be released.

If stored inside you too long, it will take its toll on the body and soul. No doubt.

But when used as fuel, nothing burns longer and hotter.

(there’s a reason protagonists who survive through hell always have some axe to grind)

Anger is a tool. It is a sign something that needs to be done hasn’t been.

Assuming it’s not a chronic issue of yours, you’ll only get rid of it if you do what you want.

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