Your Capacity To Stay

Last night, like most nights, my daughter broke down crying. It was time for my wife to put my son to bed, which meant “mama” — the person she loved most in the world — was once again going to leave her. My daughter is a nearly 2 and a half, and this sort of

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Mommy Issues Or Daddy Issues?

Really interesting tweet came up the other day covering a subject I don’t believe I’ve touched upon in detail. So what is the difference between a woman with mommy issues instead of daddy issues? Most guys know about girls with “daddy issues.” They either didn’t get enough attention, or didn’t get enough boundaries, so they act out.

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Do Women Like Angry Men?

Client the other day was out at an event with some girls he had spent time with on prior occasions. Normally, he had been “the nice guy.” They treated him OK, but he was along for the ride. Yet this time, they were responding to him differently. They were looking to him more to make

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How To Salvage The Marriage Bed

Good tweet by Kati Ivey the other day I wanted to respond to: But the question I’m sure you’re left with afterwords is… how? “Dead bedroom” seems to be something that sets in gradually, and then after little kids enter the picture all at once. Your woman is tired, and her post-pregnancy hormones have killed her sex drive.

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