Does Monogamy Bore Women?

Finally caught up on this short Atlantic article, asking the pivotal question: Are Women The Bored Sex? Unsurprisingly, this article — despite being written by a feminist — comes to similar conclusions as the Red Pill. Women stop wanting sex in monogamous relationships, especially after co-habitation. Yet another reminder that the Red Pill and Feminism are two sides …

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What I Think About Andrew Tate

As many of you have heard, the infamous Andrew Tate was recently banned across all of social media. Many of you know I’ve had some very personal exchanges with Andrew over the years… but I’ve mostly been quiet about what kind of man I think he is. Given recent events, I’m breaking my silence. I share …

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Yin And Yang Sexual Energy

Put out a tweet the other day that got some mixed response: Unsurprisingly, much of the pushback was from women (including an executive coach, the epitome of male energy — big surprise!) But honestly the main reason people got upset with this tweet is because they misunderstood what I was trying to convey. For instance, …

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