Yin And Yang Sexual Energy

Put out a tweet the other day that got some mixed response: Unsurprisingly, much of the pushback was from women (including an executive coach, the epitome of male energy — big surprise!) But honestly the main reason people got upset with this tweet is because they misunderstood what I was trying to convey. For instance,

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Humility And Progress

Going to keep this email short and straight to the point. A lot of guys in the manosphere talk a big game. But the fact remains… The biggest impediment to growth has been, and always will be, stubbornness and arrogance. Unfortunately, these are common traits among men. Most guys would prefer to struggle and stagnate rather

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Is “Independence” Cope?

Was asked to comment on a tweet the other day that is sure to trigger some people: My take? While I believe I understand the place that this person is coming from, the phrasing is poor… and is a classic example of someone swinging from one extreme to another. It is is true, for instance,

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Sex, Masturbation, And Energy

Short and sweet email today. But want to address a “popular fad” this side of Twitter — not simply no fap, but no ejaculation. First of all, I want to emphasize I think it’s great guys are experimenting with this. It’s healthy to get in touch with your own sexual energy, and learn restraint. However,

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Marry Me Or Else

Got tagged in a man’s romantic dilemma on Twitter… a scenario which is not so uncommon: My thoughts? One thing that is extremely common — yet far more lame than most men realize — is the male inclination towards “stubbornness.” It’s a style of masculinity particularly found in hard populations that have sustained a lot

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What Happens When You Give Up

Short and to the point email for you today. But I want to bring something to your attention, so you can understand “the stakes” so to speak. You may not be where you want to be. But so long as you are focused on moving forward, and you are committed to “overcoming,” you will get there.

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