January 2022

Is This A Bad Time For Dating?

Mike Cernovich had a provocative tweet the other day: It’s something I’ve touched upon, albeit not quite as directly as this. Although there’s no question COVID — and whether you live in fear of it or not — has substantially polarized the dating market. And yet, it’s not really just about COVID is it. People

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Marry Me Or Else

Got tagged in a man’s romantic dilemma on Twitter… a scenario which is not so uncommon: My thoughts? One thing that is extremely common — yet far more lame than most men realize — is the male inclination towards “stubbornness.” It’s a style of masculinity particularly found in hard populations that have sustained a lot

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The Truth About Game

I’m often asked about “girl game” and whether it is something you should be worried about in a woman. My stock reply is that there is nothing wrong with game — indeed, us men enjoy “girl game,” and we fall more for girls who have it. The issue isn’t the game itself, but what a girl’s intention

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Girls, Sex, and Vacation

FW Playboy put out an interesting tweet today in response to a question: I don’t have much of a disagreement with the fundamental observation. Women on vacation are far more likely to hook up — anyone disputing this is naive and hasn’t travelled enough. However, WHY they do this is a different question. Women are unconscious creatures,

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What Happens When You Give Up

Short and to the point email for you today. But I want to bring something to your attention, so you can understand “the stakes” so to speak. You may not be where you want to be. But so long as you are focused on moving forward, and you are committed to “overcoming,” you will get there.

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Is Anger Bad?

Don’t need to tell you that if there is any emotion that is shamed and suppressed these days, it’s anger. Doesn’t matter whether it’s coming from mainstream propaganda, or your local new age spirituality group. Anger is an emotion of destruction. It’s entitled. And fundamentally, it’s dangerous. Men in particular who express anger are toxic, and a

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