Had a comment in response to my last email, which was interesting.

First things first, of course I will agree: politics isn’t sexy. It has not and never will be good policy to attract a woman by talking about current events or complaining about this or that politician or policy.

Politics is about dominance hierarchies and let’s be frank, it has and always will be a masculine domain (women who enter that arena must tap into this energy to be effective). It’s like talking about sports. The vast majority of women don’t like it, and even the ones who do don’t get turned on by it.

Indeed, most women only get into these subjects because they realize it’s an effective way to connect with you. This is their game, not yours — don’t linger on these topics too long even if she bring them up. Keep the energy light and playful, banter and mess with her. Get her out of her head and you will get into her heart… and you know what else.

But this is a tactical aspect of game to consider, not necessarily a strategic one. If you’re looking for something serious with a girl, you don’t want to avoid topics that reveal your values. This stuff needs to come up by the second date, and at this point in time, many even prefer to get it out of the way on the first.

Very often your job is easy here: she will bring a sociopolitical topic up at a certain point of desire towards you, as she is sufficiently attracted and is now she’s seeking deeper comfort/rapport. She wants to know how else you guys might be a good fit.

But while I would do your best to avoid getting frazzled or into an intense argument, don’t pretend to be somebody you are not. Her question is also a test — and it’s a test that doesn’t necessarily have a right answer. She’s wondering not simply about whether you guys are synched up, but how afraid you are of disagreeing with her.

Being able to maintain tension in moments like these and stick to what you believe in is masculine. And it will turn her on. It may break some comfort, but it does not always stop a hook up even with a girl on the opposite extreme from you — so long as you know not to belabor the disagreement, to pivot topics, and leverage the tension sexually.

Indeed, very often your conviction can lead to the second phenomenon alluded to in the comment above: her conforming to you, and changing her views.

I know, I know — the commentator didn’t exactly say that. But practically speaking, that is actually what happens when a woman loves you. A woman might shrug off value differences for a few months during the honeymoon phase, but well over 90% of the time these relationships don’t go the distance. What does happen often, however, is that the woman comes around to how you think. And the reason for this is simple.

Most women do not have strong convictions about what they believe.

The average woman today thinks what she thinks simply because she is told to think that way. She is a parrot of the propaganda engine — as its acceptable views shifts, so does hers.

This might annoy you, but there’s a flip side to it: if you are a strong, attractive man, she be the same way with you. This is reflected in voting; most married women vote with their husbands, single women vote with the state.

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Not all women will flip, however. Some strongly identify with the narrative, others are simply along for the ride — unconsciously they just want to fit in. These latter women don’t really care about politics and have an extremely high chance of coming around to what you believe.

However, it’s less that they actually believe what you believe, than that they never really believed in much at all. You may think this is an insult, but it’s not. This is the feminine instinct. It is agnostic on issues, and submissive to strength. As ZeroHpLovecraft brilliantly quoted, “Men follow laws, women follow lawgivers.” It is biological expediency necessary for a sex that was often captured in war, and had to prioritize its survival.

Women who are obsessed with politics, and willing to fight over them, are almost invariably in their masculine. Which is why it is arguably a “mixed bag” to meet a woman who is already strongly aligned with what you believe. Yes, you will have a strong foundation to build on — these can be excellent relationships. But you are likely to have some issues with polarity: she may agree with masculine and feminine roles in theory, but has a hard time embodying the energy in practice.

Integrated women tend to walk this tightrope much better. They don’t speak much about politics, because it doesn’t energize their femininity. But they are also clear about their convictions and beliefs. You won’t change them too much; but you might help crystalize some issues for her.

At any rate, the point of this email is simple.

There is strategic value in letting your values and views be known to a girl after establishing attraction, not only because it will push away women who are not aligned with you and draw in women who are — but because your conviction will also shift many women who only disagree superficially, as their beliefs are simply products of their environment.

So don’t be afraid to express who you are to a woman. All you need to do is make sure you don’t forget how to attract her in the process.

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– Pat