Mike Cernovich had a provocative tweet the other day:

It’s something I’ve touched upon, albeit not quite as directly as this. Although there’s no question COVID — and whether you live in fear of it or not — has substantially polarized the dating market.

And yet, it’s not really just about COVID is it. People are polarized about everything these days: vaxxed vs unvaxxed, left vs right… division is the norm. If you’re not on the “approved” side of the narrative, it may feel like dating is hopeless. Nearly every girl seems to parrot these talking points. And if you don’t also adhere to them, they aren’t going to swipe right, or even entertain being with you.

This has led to many guys lamenting over dating these days. It’s impossible to meet a girl who isn’t “brainwashed.” What’s an “awake” guy to do?

I understand the sentiment. And no doubt if you are on the apps in a big city, or even hitting the bars, you are going to get a lot of this.

But there’s another way to look at all of this.

As a blessing, rather than a curse. For similar reasons Mike describes.

What the events of these last few years have done is reveal people.

Which people are filled with fear and want to be controlled, and which people value freedom and want to create their own reality. It’s fragmented the population largely by consciousness.

You may find this frustrating, as many of the people you meet are “fully in the matrix” so to speak.

But it is not only helping you to rule out women who would not be in alignment with you, but it is offering YOU an opportunity to further shift yourself.

Because here is the reality:

A lot of the “awake” population has not really stepping into sovereignty. They are annoyed, angry, frustrated that others are “asleep”… in fact, they are so burned out by the propaganda that they often fall into their own version of negativity and bitterness (which is repulsive to women).

In other words, even though they might be aware and value freedom, they are acting in practice like victims.

And they reflect this attitude by either:

  1. pushing away women, because they “expect” things won’t work out due to these women being feminists (or whatever)
  2. they feel like they need to try to “hide” who they are so that women they don’t like will like them (because that’s all they can get)

But guess what?


I know it is difficult to put yourself out there and risk creating tension. You will almost certainly push people you know away from you. Trust me, I know all about that.

But the biggest thing holding you back from attracting the women who DO align with you on these values, is your SHAME about holding these values.

You are still, believe it or not, in the frame of the mainstream. You perceive yourself as a pariah rather than OK — even if you believe you are “right.” And so you reject yourself and draw people towards you who will reinforce that rejection paradigm.

I am not saying the approach right now is to be combative. Yes, I know all about that too. Though it is possible you may need to be expressive about how you feel to people at first, if you’ve been keeping your views and beliefs to yourself and pretending to be someone you’re not.

But fundamentally it isn’t about trying to provoke a response from others, it’s simply being yourself, and not caring if others reject you.

And it’s letting those who don’t get it do their own thing, while you go out there in pursuit of connecting with others who do.

Which is why, contrary to what you might think, it is one of the best times ever to date. Because the tension of these times is making those who are authentic vibe more with each other than ever. The polarity might push you away from others, but it’s also formed a deep connection and commonality among the “awake.”

And so if you were going to meet someone you’d spend your life with, now would be the easiest time to do it. The experience of being together through this war will tie you together for life.

Anyway, I know it’s hard to make these shifts — especially by yourself. I know you can feel alone.

Which is why you should consider working with me.

Because not only will I help you ground yourself more in who you are… but I will help you attract the women who will appreciate this “authentic you”

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– Pat