February 2, 2017

How To Create What You Hate

HOW TO CREATE WHAT YOU HATE One of the crazy things about humans is their ability to project. Aka, taking their own flaws, pathologies, etc. and accusing other people of doing them. We’ve been seeing a bunch of that taking place recently. (“Kill the ‘fascists,’ they are inciting violence!”) But truly, it’s as common in […]

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The Truth About Anxiety

Ever wanted to talk to a girl or take things to the next level but “couldn’t” because you felt too anxious? I know it’s happened to me too many times to count. Anxiety is endemic in our society, and in the romantic realm it’s pretty much a given. The more you like someone, the more

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Why Relationships *Really* Work

Almost every guy out there has at one point found himself enamored with a woman. So as one of those men, I’m sure you’ve said something like this before (or at least heard it from other guys): “She’s different than other girls” “She cares about me in ways no other woman does” “We really get

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