Why Do Women Love Status?

WHY DO WOMEN LOVE STATUS? There is one iron-clad law of the dating game: Women love status. Consciously or not, they gravitate towards men who have popularity, riches, and fame… and if in a relationship, desire that their men achieve higher status himself. As such, many men make it their be-all-end-all goal to acquire as […]

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The 5 Rules Of Complimenting A Girl

THE 5 RULES OF COMPLIMENTING A GIRL Conventional dating advice is convoluted. One “expert” might say this, another that… sometimes their advice even directly contradicts each other. You’ve probably heard some of it before: “Don’t compliment a girl or she’ll ditch you!” And it’s inverse… “If you want to get a girl to like you,

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Should Men Cry?

SHOULD MEN CRY? Unlike many in the modern age, I am not one that thinks men are better off now that emoting has become encouraged. A man’s self-respect and a man’s fortitude come from taking tough times under the chin, and ruling their emotions… not letting their emotions rule them. The lack of this stoicism

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The Springs Of Your Life

THE SPRINGS OF YOUR LIFE I am currently typing this article from a friend’s flat in London, over by Baron’s Court (if you know the area). And I’m not going to lie, it feels a bit surreal. You see, when I quit my job and started musing over this business, I moved to London to

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Little Moments Define You

LITTLE MOMENTS DEFINE YOU This past weekend I was up in Maine at my cousin’s wedding. It was a beautiful wedding at a farm in the countryside. The couple was surrounded by family and friends, and after hours of drinking and dancing, the reception climaxed with a solid ten minutes of fireworks. It was a

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Why You Need Ambition

WHY YOU NEED AMBITION There is one thing all men that have “top tier” women have in common. It’s not looks. It’s not wealth. It’s not even talent. You guessed it… It’s ambition. Women are by their fundamental nature drawn to men who seek to rise above other men. This is an uncomfortable truth that

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