Is She Really “Tier 1”?

A reader writes in: ‘Hello Pat, I trust this message meets you well. I have an issue about dating to relate to you. I hope you find time amid your busy schedule to provide clarity. I met a girl I am attracted to, and we started speaking. In my observation, I would say she’s a […]

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What To Do When A Girl Flakes

A tweet went viral the other day, which led to some pretty interesting differences in opinion: As you might have expected, a lot of guys — including yours truly — were throwing it back at her. This woman cancelled minutes before a date and thought the guy had a problem because it bothered him. You will hardly

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Tactics, Strategy, and Women

TACTICS, STRATEGY, AND WOMEN In 218 BC, Hannibal of Carthage and his army crossed the Alps into Italy. The move brought with it considerable risk. The alps were dangerous territory — the weather was harsh, the passes narrow, and Hannibal’s army (which included elephants) suffered nearly half its force trying to pass through. But militarily,

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