Yesterday I put out a little thread on tactics / strategy in the realm of Persona.

We’re going to explore this a little deeper now as it involves attraction dynamics.

Recall the rule of attraction: men and women are attracted to opposite energies.

Masculine desires feminine and vice versa.

This is an important thing to internalize, as the women you attract are going to mirror what you bring to the table.

(Aka why more masculine men attract more feminine women)

However, look around and you’ll realize who is “masculine and feminine” is not always so clear cut.

The reason?

Tactics vs Strategy.

Make no mistake: to be attractive men need to have a masculine strategy; women feminine. In other words: men need to take action and lead, and women need to open themselves up to pursuit.But the tactics within this can flip.


A man might pursue a woman with seduction, gradually planting desire and mystery in her mind as he pushes forward to take her.

Such a man is operating in a masculine frame: he wants to take the girl. But he is using feminine tactics: enticement, allure, mystery rather than force. Cajoling rather than coercing.

The woman meanwhile?

Generally, her tactics are masculine. She’s direct. Sincere. Resistant.He is drawn to her tangibleness, her to his intangibility.It’s a yin and yang balance.

(A “type dynamics” relationship like this? ENTP & INFJ. Males in the former are predisposed to feminine tactics; females in the latter masculine tactics – a major reason it works so well)

On the other hand, relationships between people with different strategies but the same tactics can exist… but tend to be more novel than enduring.

Another example:

Two tactical seducers will play cat and mouse with each other. Two tactical dominants will become too intense too fast.

Neither work too well; it’s the mix of one and the other that provides the perfect speed and harmony.

And when tactics are different but strategy is the same?

Unhealthy competition.

For instance, I dated a girl once who was classic masculine strategy / masculine tactics. She wanted to be in charge and pursued me directly.

(Note: Masculine tactics on women are classic “intellectual ego”)

Meanwhile I wanted to be in charge but was gaining power over her indirectly by playing coy (masculine strategy / feminine tactics)She was drawn to my more feminine tactics. But once we cut through the game our mutual need to dominate was irreconcilable. It was one big battle of wills — tension became frustration and it fizzled soon thereafter.

I’ll elaborate on this more later in a full article, as these ideas are new and need fleshing out.

But something to think about for now.

What are your tactics, feminine or masculine? And how do they compare to your strategy?

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