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The 3 Types Of Female Friends

So as many of you guys know, one of my most distinct and powerful concepts I’ve pushed is the idea of “friend-zoning” women. For those who don’t know, this is basically making a woman — and yes, often an attractive woman — your friend rather than pursuing her romantically. The goal being to “plant seeds” […]

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“Friendzoning” Women

So a question I received the other day in a DM: “what do you mean by friendzoning them? I’ve never understood how that works with women. My understanding was that because women like safe relationships that have no serious consequences, they wouldn’t have an issue with being friendzoned. And when you say to not take

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The 2 Types of Friendzones

Caught up with an old pal the other week and I was interested to hear a little update in his romantic life. So my friend has been close to this girl for years. She’s a sweet girl, and attractive. Early on he liked her. But though they flirted a bit, in the end she’d always

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