dread game

The Alternative To Dread Game

This is a topic I haven’t much explored at this point. And what follows in this email will be far from the definitive answer on it. But I wanted to talk a little about dread game and sex. It’s commonly accepted wisdom in red pill circles that some level of dread is necessary if you […]

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Jealousy And Female Attraction

Saw a quote on the TL that I thought was very interesting: “a woman does not know she’s attracted until she experiences jealousy” A profound statement. But is it true? My answer might disappoint. But as always, it depends. I know, I know. This is one of those “ironclad” red pill truths. A woman sees you

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Does Dread Game Work?

Let’s talk a bit about “dread game.” It’s probably one of the most controversial aspects of “the red pill,” and I know a lot of guys have a hard time coming to terms with it. Basically, it’s sending the implicit message to your woman that she is at risk of losing you. This could be

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